Know About American Airlines Reservations, Baggage & Cancellation Policy

American Airlines provides its services around the world to more than 300 destinations. A passenger can make reservations into American Airlines very easily.

You Can Go Through Following Procedure To Make American Airlines Reservations:

  • Visit the website of American Airlines.
  • On the website of American Airlines, enter trip type you wish to make be that return or one way.
  • In following fields, you need to enter departure point, arrival point, number of passengers and then, click on Search button.
  • Enter further information.
  • Make payment.

Alternatively, a customer can contact the customer care of American Airlines and also know about various facilities that a customer can get into American Airlines. A customer can get booking into following classes:

  • First Class:

On ground services:

           Priority advantages like speed through check in, and boarding.

           Onboard and in the air:

           First class being the most extravagant class provides utmost comfort in wider seats.

           It also provides free entertainment and has wi -fi facility.

  • Business Class:

On ground service:

A customer is entitled to get the privileges such as speed through check in, boarding and security at the airport during departure and arrival.

Onboard and in the air:

There are various upgraded business class services available in business class of American Airlines. Inflight digital entertainment so that a customer can choose from hundreds of movies and choose to listen from a audio numbers en route to destination. Choose from variety of meals that you can combine with wines.

  • Premium Economy:

Priority benefits are given even in premium economy class and American Airlines premium economy seats have been designed to provide utmost comfort even in premium economy class. Premium economy also provides free entertainment, has inflight wi -fi and power and one can choose the meal and combine meal with free wine, beer and spirits.

  • Economy:

In American Airlines economy class, a passenger can enjoy soft drinks, free snacks and inflight entertainment. If a passenger needs more service in the economy class, then, he/she can customize booking in the economy class.

When it is required to make journey, one should get acquainted with policies like baggage policy and if needed to carry pet, then, it is required to get acquainted with pet policy also.

Following Describes American Airlines Baggage Policy:

  • Carry on baggage: One can get along with one personal item and one carry on item cost free. Purse, laptop bag, briefcase are categorised as carry on bags.
  • There are applicable fee for checked bag and hold luggage which increases with number checked.
  • For overweight and oversize bags, fees is applicable and it depends upon weight and size categories.
  • Under the sports equipment category, certain items have applicable fees.

Specifications for carry on baggage under American Airlines baggage policy is given as follows:

Following Are Size And Weight Restrictions For Carry on Bags in American Airlines:

  • Measurement for carry on baggage is 45 linear inches or 115 centimeters that includes handles and wheels.
  • Carry on bags must fit either in the overhead bin or under the seat.

Checked Baggage And Hold Luggage Policy of American Airlines is As Follows:

  • A passenger can carry upto 2 standard bags and can carry maximum 10 bags for Transatlantic, US domestic and Transpacific areas.
  • However, a passenger can carry upto 5 bags maximum if he/she wishes to travel to the destinations that lie in Brazil, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.
  • Maximum dimensions for checked baggage or hold luggage includes 62 inches or 157 centimeters that includes length, width and height.
  • Maximum weight for checked baggage or hold luggage includes 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Besides baggage policy and pet policy, there is also American Airlines cancellation policy, just in case if a passenger needs to cancel the booking.

Go Through Following To Know About Cancellation Policy of American Airlines:

  • If a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hrs after ticket purchase, then, customer is eligible for full refund given customer had booked ticket at least 2 days before departure.
  • Earlier you cancel the ticket more you have opportunity to get full refund.
  • One can cancel the booking using American Airlines online portal if booked through

online portal of American Airlines. However, if booking has been made through other modes then passenger should cancel the booking using respective mode.

Procedure To Cancel The American Airlines Reservations Using Online Portal is As Follows:

  • Visit the website of American Airlines.
  • On the homepage only, you get the option My Trips
  • Click on My Trips.
  • Enter first name, last name and booking reference under My Trips.
  • Then, click on Find Reservation
  • On your reservation page, proceed to cancel your booking.

In case, you need assistance regarding any process, then, you can contact the customer care of American Airlines. A customer can contact the customer service whenever required as assistance facility is available round the clock.

Also, if you need to make changes into your booking, any kind of change be that adding baggage, adding any kind of special meal, or if need medical or any other kind of assistance, then, passenger can contact the customer care service.

Find Out Some Various American Airlines Phone Numbers:

  • American airlines reservations number espanol: 1-800-633-3711
  • American airlines reservations number Costa Rica: 2-539-7363
  • American airlines reservations Phone number UK: 0207-660-2300 or 0844-369-9899 (0,05 GBP/Minute plus phone company's access charges)
  • American airlines reservation help desk number Portuguese: 866-824-8717
  • American airlines group reservations number:1-800-221-2255.
  • American airlines group travel phone number: 1-800-433-1790


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