Belkin Router Setup Without CD

Get details for setting up belkin router without the use of CD

Belkin routers are one of the most effective and useful routers among others as its features makes it easy and simple for the user to get connected with the internet without any hassle. Besides, to get more detailed information about these routers and its features, the user can contact belkin router customer service and can get all their relevant information.

On the other hand, Belkin routers can be easily installed and set up on any systems be it laptops or computers containing any operating systems. The setup process can be done with the help of a CD or the user can also do it manually with the use of modems, belkin routers and power source. For this purpose the user can even contact the Belkin Router Technical Support team members and can get details regarding the setup process.

The technicians are available for all day long for the user so that they can contact them whenever they wish to. It's not necessary for the user to use a CD for its installation steps as it can also be done the other way round. The user can utilize their modems and power source and can make connection with the routers.

Therefore, mentioned below are the steps for setting up belkin routers without a CD:

  • Firstly, the users are supposed to connect their modems with the WAN.
  • This can be done with the port of the modem of the user’s belkin router.
  • After this the users need to plug their modem and also their router with a working power source.
  • Once this is done the user need to connect their systems on which they are working with the LAN or any ethernet port of that particular belkin router.
  • When all these steps are performed the user will see an LED light of their belkin router.
  • Users are then required to wait for about 15 minutes till the LED lights turn to blue in color.
  • User should also make sure and should check whether the connections are made properly or not.
  • Further the users need to unplug the power source for few minutes and then again should plug it back.
  • Hence, when all these steps are completed the user will be connected with the belkin routers without a CD.

Hence, with the above mentioned steps the users will be able to install belkin routers without a CD. furthermore, if user face any problem in the above stated steps or finds any confusion related to it then they can directly call on the Belkin Router Tech Support Number and can get their issues solved. The number is open for all day long for the benefit of the users.


Criss Lin 16 Oct 2018

Hey im endeavoring to have wireless association however it doesn't work ive took a stab at everything notwithstanding resetting the switch I have a belkin g in addition to mimo switch and im having so much inconvenience!! what's more, it reveals to me that I have no association…

Ethan Young 29 Oct 2018

While this could be helpful to a select few, and the first part makes sense, I could never see the blue light no matter how much I waited and unplugged it, plugged it back in. 30 mins, 15 mins, never a blue light. And I can't see how unplugging and plugging it back would fix the issue, but how would I know I never got to that step no matter how much I tried. Better trying to find the CD than listening to this and possibly wasting time, but credit due to the first part making a lick of sense.

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