Adobe Flash Player Not Working In Firefox

Fix Adobe Flash Player Not Working on Firefox? 

In order to fix your adobe flash player, which is not working on Firefox, you need to get it fixed in a good manner so there will be fewer technical glitches you will face while facing issues with Firefox. The below-written ways will guide you on how to fix the Adobe Flash Player on Firefox. 

Steps Through which you can fix the adobe flash player, which is not working on Firefox. 

  • Firstly, you have to visit the main screen of your system and click on the control panel. 
  • After clicking on the control panel, you will find an option that says program and features. 
  • After clicking on the adobe flash player 12 active X and how to enable flash in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Press the open menu button at the top right of the firefox window.
  • Do click on ads to open the tabs in a shot directly below.
  • Select plugins plugins plugins to open the plugin plugin plugin list.
  • Select always active from the flash drop-down menu. 
  • It will start functioning, and you can enjoy the services of Firefox earlier, which are not operational. 
  • The installed adobe flash player will start operating, and you can easily avail of its services and enjoy the benefits. 

If you wish to insert the enable the plugins. 

  • Click the Firefox menu icon, which is located in the upper-right section of the browser toolbar. 
  • Choose add- Ons.
  • From the left navigation page, choose plugins.
  • If possible, do always choose active or ask for the activation of each plugin as needed or required by the customers (If they find it there is any requirement for the inserting the plugins plugins plugins plugins into the Firefox. )

If your adobe flash player is not working properly, you need to follow the above-written steps, and if the adobe flash player is not working, you can easily get it corrected by simply following the above-mentioned steps once it starts working, you can access it and have uninterrupted services of the Firefox who has been not operational or not working. 

If you have installed the older version of Firefox, there will be more issues that you will face. Older versions do create more issues, or at times, it's not working due to the fact the installation of the software is pretty old. That is the reason Adobe flash player is not working on Firefox. Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall flash player to help protect their systems. Adobe Flash is no longer supported in Firefox. Firefox extended support continued to be supported in Firefox. Users must choose sites that are allowed to activate the flash plugin. The flash player is usually supported by Opera, Microsoft, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome.    


Harry Jan 17 Oct 2018

I have downloaded the latest adobe flashplayer plugin but it is not working with Firefox. It does work on Internet Explorer.

Harry Jan 15 Nov 2019

I have downloaded the latest adobe flashplayer plugin but it is not working with Firefox. It does work on Internet Explorer.

Expertneeds 24 Oct 2018

Follow These Steps: 1. First of all you need to visit the add ons manager tab. 2. you will see an option of the plugins panel, go for selecting it. 3. Then you need to navigate through the options to find the shockwave flash from the list of plug-ins. 4. Now you need to remove the check mark from the enable adobe flash protected mode. 5. Once you reach this step then you need to click on the menu button. 6. Now Click on the exit button, followed by closing the browser. 7. The changes will take effect after doing so. If you see the message that Adobe Flash Plugin has been crashed then you have to first uninstall the current software then install it again.

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