Charter Outage: What to do

Your Charter remote gives numerous helpful features. In case you're experiencing difficulty in using your remote i.e your charter remote not working, you can refer to the following tips which are applied to everyone of their remotes.

1. If LED Light is not Flashing or Flashing Repeatedly.

This for the most part demonstrates that your batteries are low. To make it work you have to replace them with two new alkaline batteries.

2. If Remote has a Slow Response or Not Changing Channels.

Check the batteries to ensure they are not low. Replace them with two new basic batteries in case they are low.

Make sure that nothing is obstructing the front of the receiver (e.g., furniture) and that you are in the range of about 20 feet of the receiver while operating the remote.

Make sure the power light on your receiver is lit, showing it's turned on.

3. Remote Changes Channels, however not Volume on TV

In case that the remote changes the channels yet does not control the volume , you'll have to program the remote to control your


4. Purchasing/Exchanging a Remote

Charter gives a remote control to every one of its collectors at no extra cost.

We will repair/supplant the remote in case that it doesn't fill in because of typical wear and tear. You can get a substitution remote at your neighborhood store. Don't forget to carry your old remote with you. In case that there isn't a Spectrum Store near you, we can deliver the remote to you at no charge. These are above steps you can follow in case you charter not working.


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