How Can You Fix Facebook Not Working on Android?

If your Facebook app is not working on your Android device, it could be due to several issues. To get rid of this problem, you need to try some fixes. Most of the time, a user encounters the issue whenever Facebook brings new features to the application. Although there are regular updates, the app sometimes stops working or crashes on the Android device. Here, in this article, you can find various fixes for your issue of Facebook not working.

Fixes For Facebook Not Working on Android

When you encounter issues with your Facebook app while using it on an Android device, you can try some fixes. Here is the list of some common fixes that might help you in resolving the issue of Facebook not working on android, as mentioned below:

  • Restart your device- The most common thing that might resolve your issue is to restart your device. When you restart your phone, it will clear the RAM, and the device will start fresh. For this, long-press the power button on your Android phone and choose restart. 
  • Facebook logout and login- Facebook has the feature of saving cookies and it remembers a lot of things from your browsing. If your Facebook crashes often, you can log out of your Facebook account on the device. After some time, when you log in back to your account, the issue might be resolved.
  • Turn off the Power Saver- Sometimes, turning on the power saver mode might affect the working of a Facebook app. So, you can try turning off the power saver mode. After turning it off, launch the Facebook app again and check its working.
  • Clear cache files- There might be a lot of cache files stored in your Facebook app, which slow down the working of your device. So, you must clear the cache frequently to avoid app crashing and other issues.
  • Clear app data- In the App data also, Facebook is stored. So, you need to clean it frequently to get rid of Facebook issues. 
  • Reinstall Facebook app- Even after clearing all the data, if you are facing the issue with your Facebook app, you can try uninstalling the app. You can uninstall it from your Android phone and reinstall it from the Play Store. With this action, everything from the phone will be cleared from the device and with reinstallation, you can start it from the default, without any customized settings.
  • Enable Facebook notifications- Sometimes the users complain that they are not receiving any notifications from Facebook. For this, you need to enable the notifications of the app through the Settings option.
  • Make storage space on device- You must-have storage space on your Android device for the proper working of any app. If the storage space is not there, Facebook won't be able to save the temporary files on the device, hence creating the issue.

If you are still facing the issue of the Facebook app not working, you can contact the technical support. The technical executives will assist you with all the required solutions and assistance, and they are available 24x7. You can reach them using the details available in the contact section of the official webpage.


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