What Are The Steps Engaged To Troubleshoot The Problem of Computer Restarting Unexpectedly?

Have you ever experienced the situation when you have to rush with some important work on your computer and it is restarting again and again unexpectedly? We know that even imagining this situation is annoying so you can guess the mood of a user-facing this issue. This problem generally occurs when the users try to use the recovery disk to restore their windows machine to the factory settings.

If you have to use the computer and you repeatedly get the message, “The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error”, then you are not alone in this situation. You can cope up with this issue by taking some fixes that we are mentioning below. If you are facing a computer restarted unexpected error, then read carefully about the troubleshooting steps.

Use of Registry Editor:

  • To go for this, you have to press shift+F10 on your keyboard when you see the error message. This will open the command prompt.
  • Then, you have to enter Regedit and click on enter to start the registry editor.
  • Once it starts, you have to navigate to the local machine system and then double click on the setup.exe in the right pane.
  • Now, change the value data from 1 to 3 and press ok to confirm the changes.
  • Restart the computer after closing the registry editor.

Keep a Check on Your Hard Drive Cables:

If again computer restarted is encountered, then you can go for this step as sometimes it is the hard drive cable that causes the issue. So, you can try to switch the cables connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. This will fix the issue.

Disconnect All Your USB Devices:

Generally, various USB devices are used on our PC but sometimes these devices can be a cause of this issue. They can interfere with windows and can cause the error of “computer restarted unexpectedly”. If you are facing this issue, make sure that you disconnect all your USB devices like printers, flash drives, mouse, and even your USB keyboard.

Updating The BIOS:

Sometimes, the reason for this problem is the BIOS being out of date. The outdated one can be a reason for this error. So, if you are the one who is encountering this issue, then you are suggested to update the BIOS.

To update the BIOS is an advanced process. So, you have to be very careful with the steps you take to rectify this error by updating the BIOS. This can also permanently damage your motherboard. Since you are not being able to access the window, you have to download the latest version of it from a different PC and then you have to move it to your flash drive. For this start the command prompt and run the update.

This is how you can get your problem resolved. these steps are easy to take. You can also connect with the team of customer support to get more assistance on this.


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