How Do I Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Email Issue?

When we talk about Yahoo mail, we know that Yahoo has been very efficient in receiving, sending, and managing emails. It is a platform that is used by millions of users. However, many have encountered difficulties in receiving emails for various reasons.

To look into the matter and resolve the bug, you need to go for some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue and take you out of this tough situation. The users can follow the measures mentioned below to overcome the issue of Yahoo not receiving emails.

What Can Be Done To Start Receiving The Emails?

Many users have also complained about the issue of yahoo not receiving emails from Facebook. This can also be resolved by taking the troubleshooting steps we mentioned. Let us have a look at the steps that you can take.

  • Have a look at your spam folders:

Sometimes, the feature of Yahoo named automatic bulk-mail filter can create a problem. Although, it also makes sure that unwanted emails don’t get into your inbox. So, you are recommended to check your spam folder to see whether any of your emails are not dropped here accidentally.

  • Have a look at your filter:

The filter is present in Yahoo, which is of help to you in sorting the messages and emails as soon as they arrive. But, sometimes, the filter grabs emails you don’t intend to throw. So, before you go through all the folders in your inbox, you should check the Filters section in your Yahoo mail settings. It will help you to identify and fine-tune all the rules you have set up in case of the existence of the problem.

  • Check your blocked address:

You can also check your blocked address. This could also be why you are not receiving emails from a particular recipient. Maybe you have blocked the recipient's address, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You can go to the section of Security and privacy in the settings.

  • Reset browser:

You can also try to reset your browser. The data and cookies that you have gathered at the time of browsing can affect the website. So, if you have tried restarting it and the issue is still not resolved, you can reset Chrome, internet explorer, or any other browser.

This is how you can resolve the issue if yahoo is not receiving the email. If you are facing the issue of Yahoo is not receiving emails from Gmail, then you can get Customer care help in this case. You can contact them if you are still facing the issue.


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