How to Google reverse image search on your Android or iPhone ?

Finding any kind of image or photo via online is very and simple. You can simply Google it and you will see a lot of image result appear. But sometimes a lot of situations come, when you have an image but doesn’t know from where it comes? Well, there is an option to reverse an image called Google reverse image search which is the best way to find any kind of image that address you don’t know. Users can access Google reverse image search feature on various devices. But only fewer users know about its functionality.

How to Google Reverse image search on Android ?

  • If you want to reverse an image on your Android device, then follow the below instructions:
  • First of all, you need to download and install the Image search app from Play Store.
  • Now open the app after installing and then set up the app by adjusting the options.
  • Disable the Open settings before upload.
  • Now exit the app and then choose an image that want to search, and then click on Share icon.
  • After that, choose Image Search option to search the image.
  • Now it will redirect you to Google Image Search page and then you can see the image if available.
  • How to Google Reverse image search on iPhone ?

Searching Google image search on your iPhone is very simple and easy as your computer. You can use your Chrome browser regarding this. To do that, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone and then go to
  • Now login to your Google account and then tap on the Upload picture.
  • After that, select an image that you want to search on Google Image reverse search.
  • Now wait until the image upload and then click on Show matching images.
  • Now all the possible results will appear as per your image. You can also find more images via search more images options.

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