Way To Fix Hotmail Not Working on iPhone

Hotmail is a free web-based email service from Microsoft. This email consists of emails, tasks and Calendaring services and is now known as Outlook. And ever since it has been updated to Outlook, the users are loving the new look and services offered to them. The people are fond of using this email service due to a simple and convenient user interface. Not only this, Hotmail is used to perform many other tasks related to Microsoft.

With the advancements in technology, the email has also been developed into spreading its services in many other ways. Also with the advancement, the users are facing issues while working with Hotmail. And it has been observed that in all these distinct issues maximum iPhone and Mac users are facing issues with Hotmail not working. And if you are one such user sailing in the same boat then the user does not have to panic as this piece of information will give you the reasons behind the glitches and also the solution to solve the problem.

What are the common Issues Faced by Users With Hotmail?

Before solving the issue the user must know what are the issues which are causing glitches. Hence, the user may get to know the reasons below.

  1. Hotmail is not syncing.

  2. Unable to log into the account.

  3. Unable to recover the account.

  4. Hotmail DNS not responding.

  5. Unable to Access Hotmail on Android.

  6. Hotmail not working on iPhone.

And there are many other glitches which are faced by the users and which can be caused due to many reasons. Let us now study the reasons behind causing the issue.

What are the Reasons which Causes Hotmail Not Working Properly!

  1. Hotmail is not compatible with the web browser the user is using.

  2. Hotmail account is blocked due to inappropriate actions.  

  3. Improper internet connection.

  4. Hotmail account hacked by someone.

  5. Javascript is not enabled in the web browser.

  6. Hotmail is not compatible with the device hence some users must be facing Hotmail not working with mac.

  7. Hotmail has accumulated caches and cookies.

  8. The Apple OS is not yet updated.

  9. The user is working with Hotmail application which is not yet updated.

And there can be many other issues which may lead to Hotmail, not working issues. Let us now tell you how to resolve the Hotmail issue.

Fixing The Hotmail Issues Efficiently!

To fix the issues the users may follow the tips and steps below.

  1. First of all, check if your Hotmail is compatible with the browser that you are using.

  2. Also, check if you have updated your web browser.

  3. Then check the internet connection and if it is facing the issues then he may contact the service operator.

  4. Do not forget to clear the cookies and caches that have been accumulated in the mail.

  5. The user may even check if Hotmail app is updated or not. In case it is not updated when the user may update it.

  6. Also, check if the user is working on an updated Apple OS. may due to old Apple IOS, the application might not be responding properly.

  7. Confirm whether your account is still active and the user’s account has not been disabled.

In case the issue has not been resolved then the user can get in touch with Hotmail customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active to give all-round assistance.

Can’t Access Your Hotmail Account On An Android Device? Here’s What You Should Do

Ever since the Hotmail has been reintroduced as Outlook to the users, the Hotmail account holders have been facing various issues with their account. Either they use their web browsers to get access to their account or do not use the account at all. However, the issues that they can vary user to user as some users can still use their accounts to some extent or some just can’t log into their account at all.

So what to do now to fix this Hotmail not working issue especially on an Android device? Well, read this article further to know about the easy fixes to assure that you can use your hotmail account without any issue.

Easy Fixes To Resolve Hotmail Issue On An Android Device

  • Reset The Hotmail App Cache

Sometimes the app cache files can make you unable to get access to your Hotmail app this is why you need to clean such files. Here’s how.

  • Move to the Settings section in your Android device and then select the App option
  • Next, go to the All Apps and then select the Hotmail/Outlook app
  • Here, select the Force Stop option and then select the Clear Caches option to reset the Hotmail app

Moreover, you can try updating the Hotmail app by going into the Google Play Store section so to ensure app’s compatibility and bug fixes. In addition, if you are still unable to use the Hotmail app then you must uninstall it and then reinstall the app from the app store and login to your account.

Or else you can contact the tech-support to get further assistance on fixing Hotmail not working on android from experts.

How Can You Fix The Hotmail Not Working Error on Mac?

Hotmail may not work well on a mac device sometimes. Although you don't need to worry a lot in such a situation, still, it is quite annoying if a person is about to receive an urgent email. There might be a lot of reasons preventing Hotmail to work on a Mac book correctly. Nonetheless, this condition can be fixed easily with the help of a few simple techniques. The reasons due to which a user may face issue in while Hotmail on a Mac device be like server or network error, or sometimes a small technical issue may also occur. Moreover, the simple techniques to fix the Hotmail not working error on Mac are as provided below:

Reboot your device:

  • You can try to fix the Hotmail error by rebooting your Mac device
  • Once reboot is complete and device is opened properly retry accessing the Hotmail

Reset device settings:

  • Open the settings of your Mac device first
  • Then go to the general settings and tap reset button
  • Now wait until reset is complete, then retry to open the Hotmail again

Reconfigure Hotmail:

  • Firstly, remove the Hotmail account from your Mac
  • Then go to the settings and find account option
  • Next, select add account tab and choose Microsoft as the type of account
  • Now enter the login credentials of your Hotmail account
  • Then select m.hotmail.com as the account server and it will be reconfigured

Hence, a user can simply resolve the Hotmail not working on mac issue by following the techniques discussed above on this page. Apart from that, Hotmail users also have the choice to get support from a technical personal. You can take this opportunity by dialing the customer care phone number of the Hotmail.

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