How To Boot HP Laptop To Windows 10 Using a USB Drive?

If are you using an older version of the operating system, then you might wish to upgrade your operating system at some point. An upgraded OS makes the computing experience for the users better and smoother. So, for the users who are still using Windows 7 and wish to upgrade to Windows 10 using a USB drive, then they can check out the procedure mentioned in this article. 

Booting an HP Laptop Using a USB Drive

Before heading on with the procedure to Boot an HP laptop from USB, it is required that the user keep these listed requirements in mind:

  • Investment in a good USB drive
  • License to run Windows 10

Once the above requirements are fulfilled, the user can proceed with the procedure to boot the HP laptop using a USB drive. 

Procedure To Boot HP Laptop Using a USB Drive

1. Prepare a Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

For users who have a query on How to boot an HP laptop using Windows 10 USB drive, they are required to prepare a bootable USB drive. 

  • Attach the USB drive to a laptop or computer which already has an operating system installed. 
  • Now, download the Windows media creation tool and open the same. 
  • Further, read out the license and accept the same. 
  • Then, the user is required to select the Create installation media option and proceed by clicking on Next. 
  • Make a selection for the language preference and proceed by selecting the USB drive as media. 
  • Select the USB drive and wait until the operating system is competently downloaded to the USB drive. 

2. Booting The USB Drive to The HP Laptop

Now, proceeding with the steps on Hp laptop booting from USB, the user is required to follow the listed instructions mentioned below: 

  • The user is required to attach the bootable USB drive to the Hp laptop that needs to be booted. 
  • Switch on the Hp laptop and press the F9 key and launch the boot manager section in BIOS. 
  • Further, select the USB drive to boot in Windows 10 setup from USB. 

Further, after completing the procedure to Boot the HP laptop from USB, the user can follow the listed instructions to install Windows 10 on the Hp laptop. 

  • Select the language preference, time and currency format, and input method, and click on Next. 
  • Further, click on the Install now button and begin the process. 
  • Now, begin the activation process of Windows 10 on the trial version and select the operating system from the list. 
  • Then, Accept the license and continue by clicking on the Next button. 
  • After that, pick a drive for installing Windows 10 and complete the installation process. 

Besides, if the user still has queries regarding How to boot the HP laptop, they can reach out to tech support to seek the required help.


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