How To Change WiFi Password

What is The Process To Change The Password of a Wi-Fi

Do you wish to change your Wi-Fi password? Changing a Wi-Fi password once in a while is highly recommended by the experts to keep data safe. Although Wi-Fi keeps you connected, it may also risk your personal information sometimes.  Thus, keep on changing the Wi-Fi password on a regular basis is very essential for protecting your network and data. If you don\'t how exactly you can change Wi-Fi password, then go through the process explained below.

  • First of all you have to visit the configuration page of your Wi-Fi
  • You can open the Wi-Fi configuration page through your web browser
  • Next you have to provide authentication of your account on Wi-Fi configuration page
  • Enter the username and password of your Wi-Fi router in the assigned boxes
  • Press login button and your router account window will open
  • Then navigate to Wireless section for opening the your Wi-Fi settings
  • Now from the list of multiple subsections, choose the wireless security option
  • Then find the box indicating password or paraphrase and delete the current password
  • Afterward type a new password in the box using a unique combination of alphanumeric
  • In some Wi-Fi network you have to enter the same password again for confirmation
  • Next you have to check out for the security type for selecting the required type of security
  • You can also change the name of your network herz
  • At last you have to save Wi-Fi settings once you are done changing password successfully
  • Tap save button to store the new password of your Wi-Fi network
  • From now onwards you can connect to your Wi-Fi using this new changed password

Thus, going for the Wi-Fi password change is much easier for you now as you can follow the process discussed above. However, you can get help from the technical support team of your Wi-Fi network, in case you face any trouble while changing the password.


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