Facebook is that popular online platform which has been topping the list of most used social media platform. And top of it, Facebook is one of those very few apps that is designed in such a way that it can be used on any device be it android or apple.

Facebook Not Working on Apple Device

Now if you use Facebook on apple phone or laptop and all of a sudden while using Facebook, it stops working. Now if you are wondering that why is Facebook app not working on iPhone then find out from the list of all the possible reasons mentioned below.

Main Reasons Behind Facebook Not Working on iPhone

If you are struggling with the issue of Facebook not working on your apple device then it would possibly because of the following reasons.

1.Internet issue

If you find Facebook not working properly on your iPhone then it would probably be because of internet issue. Most of the Facebook users or any other online applications don’t run if the network connection goes down.

2.Facebook app not updated

We get so engrossed in using gadgets that we all overlook the notifications of system and application updates including Facebook. Hence if you have not updated your Facebook application then you won’t be able to use it properly.

3.Browser not updated or cache files

Suppose if log in your Facebook account not with the application but any web browser then you require to update that as well. But suppose if you don’t update the browser with which you do web surfing then you won’t be able to log in your Facebook account.

4.Issue in the IOS of the device

In case you have not updated the settings of your IOS then it won’t support any online application including Facebook.

Steps To Fix Facebook Not Working in IPhone

  • Check the internet connection of your home or office in case you are not able to log in online applications. In case you watch online videos in your iPhone then try to switch to a stronger source of internet.
  • Similarly if you use any web browser to log in your Facebook account then clear all the cache files from the history.
  • Reboot your phone if required in case the device starts hanging due to over use of applications.
  • Put your mobile data to flight zone and then re-connect again in case there is any issue with the network.
  • Keep checking the IOS update of your device from time to time to avoid any kind of technical bug in the device.
  • Remove and re-install the Facebook app on your device in case you have any issue with the application.
  • Try to clear the search history of your device from time to time to make it work properly

And hence you are done! With the help of following measures, the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone can easily be resolved. For doubts, you can contact the customer care team of Facebook.


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