How To Fix Google Map Not Working

We all loves to explore uncharted territories and visit unknown tourist destination. In order to get to exact location of any places, we need to familiar about that place. But in case, if the user is unaware about the place then maps are considered to be their best friends, who helps them out in such odd situations. Physical maps play a crucial role for the travelers to explore and discover new places. But with changing times, the need have changed tremendously and there are plenty of opitons available which helps us to not only guide but even helps in finding minute details to reach that particular destination. Digital Maps have played a critical role in connecting with various location of the world. There are plenty of digital maps making service providing company. One such big name in the industry is that of Google Maps.

User can take the help of their technical support or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, user need to check the Internet connectivity.
  • Then afterwards user need to open the Google chrome browser.
  • Further click on the Menu icon with three dotted line at the top right corner.
  • Again Go to setting and make sure to come down at the bottom of the page.
  • Further click on the Advanced page and then click on Content setting in order to fix Google map not working issue
  • Again under the privacy and security, user needs to choose scroll down to location.
  • Make sure to select the options “ Ask before accessing “ .
  • Now afterwards choose the https :// ‘’ has a permission to access the physical location/
  • Again click on the done button.

Google Maps is one of the major and leading name in the mapping industry. It is one of the few maps digital service which are used by millions of people across the world. The iconic location based apps is quite popular and it’s prefers by the industry, individual, tourist as well as people from all walks of life. The best thing about them is that it is available on all

the platforms, whether it’s android, IOS and others. It is known for providing accurate and precise mapping solution. But sometimes the user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is regarding google map is not working.

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