Get the issue fixed appropriately when iPhone is not working after update:

Apple offers latest mobile phone every year with the new technology and latest services. These days, there is a hot market for the new latest one iOS 11 system which has extraordinary features and services to draw the attention of the users. But the problem in the iOS 11.3 problem has been discovered daily for the iPhone and iPad devices which can’t fix all of the bugs with its mobile operating system update. This is why we are here to help all of those users who are getting frustrated with the issues after updating an operating system.

Cause of iPhone not working after the update and how to fix it accurately?

This is very simple to download the iOS 11 iPhone devices from the internet but there are the several chances for the issues like the touch screen is not working, poor battery life, and slow wireless charging and much more. So to avoid these kinds of the problems, you need not try any worst thing to create much more problem instead of resolving it. There are most of the users who have found the error message after upgrading their iPhone device and try to resolve the problem but the result was not positive.

Here on we are guiding perfect tutorials when iPhone not working properly:

  • Go for the update procedure and when you are noticing an error close the tab and move to another step.
  • You can try the same and if still there is an issue, you must have to wait for few hours.
  • You can try to update your iPhone device with the help of iTunes apps which is so simple but the process is so long.
  • If you are the advanced users only you can upgrade it with IPSW file with the five steps.
  • If still there is an error, press the restart button and make sure you are having a strong and stable internet connection.
  • You can change the setting in your iPhone device from the general settings and go for the network to reset the settings once again.
  • Now again reboot your iPhone device and just check out the settings and go for the update process.
  • If you are comfortable with the process of updating your problem has been resolved now eventually.

However, there are a different kind of the issues might occur when iPhone not working at the time of updating iOS software like messaging and email apps crash in iOS 11, messages backed up to iCloud, Message conversations, battery status indicator, iPhone crashing again and again, your iOS 11 camera is not working fine and much more.

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