Mac devices are computer systems available for user. These devices are developed by Apple and can be purchased from the markets very easily. These Mac devices also allows all types of pdf files to process, but there are times when the user face pdf not working difficulty and are unable to open any kind of pdf files.

Know about the steps to solve pdf not working related issues on MAC devices

Therefore, whenever the user face pdf not working on mac related issues on their Mac devices, they should simply follow some of the troubleshooting methods for solving it. So, mentioned below are the major steps for solving this issue :

1. First of all the user should install the Adobe Acrobat Reader on their Mac device for it's better working. After the Adobe Reader is installed the following steps needs to be followed:

  • Once the user have installed it they should go to the library option in it.
  • From there they should select the internet plug ins menu and should then move the Adobe PDF plugin to the trash.
  • After this the user should quit Adobe reader and should again relaunch the web browser on which they are working.

2. The user can even set the Acrobat Reader DC as one of the default of the PDF owner so that the user doesn’t face any more issue related to it.

3. If these steps are not solving this particular issue, then the user should simply update the Acrobat Reader. The update can be done with the given steps :

  • Firstly the user should open the Adobe Reader on their systems.
  • Then they should select the help menu.
  • from there the user should go to the check for updates option and should process the update if it is available.
  • by doing this an update dialog box will appear on the screen. If it appears the user need to select on yes so that the automatic update will start manually.
  • after this is done, the user should remember to restart their computer systems.

4. Also the user should repair the Acrobat DC on their systems.

Furthermore, the user can also contact the Mac representatives for getting more details on pdf not opening types of issue. The executives are available all day so that the issue is solved immediately by the user. This issue is really common and occurs because of several reasons, but the above mentioned steps will totally solve it and will make the user enable in accessing the pdf file on their MAC devices.

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