Is it easy for you to get your ssl certificate

SSL is a digital certificate that helps you to confirm your identity and your website,it will be verified by the help of Certificate Authority. SSL helps you to get an extra level of security and safety while doing communication through web.As you have your paper certificate on the wall behind your desk,the website that has been owned by you shows its certificate in the address bar of the web browser. If you want to know more about the SSL certificate,you need to go by the details that has been discussed.

How to get ssl certificate ?

  • You can easily get the SSL certificate.This process varies according to the hosting provider, and also depends on a Certificate Authority.
  • It is required for you to set up the site hosting
  • Individual should ensure that domain WHOIS record has updated details about the domain owner.WHOIS has been referred as the central record repository online which connects websites with their owners, and helps in verifying that its your domain
  • However, you should purchase an SSL certificate from a recognised Certificate Authority, like as Verisign, GoDaddy and Comodo.
  • Also, you need to generate a Certificate Signing Request for the web server.There are number of host service providers who have tools to provide it to the users, it is used to generate and submit a CSR.
  • The CSR has different information like the domain name, country, email, company name,and so on.After you generate, the CSR will be available in the form of text file which can be download and save.It is easy for you to know the cost of ssl certificate
  • After this,CA requires to associate the CSR with the certificate that has been obtained by you.You need to submit CSR to the website of the CA where the certificate has been brought. You will get a form  to upload, and copy and paste the contents of the CSR.
  • When the CSR will be submitted,it is required for you to verify the request and should validate it.
  • You need to show the present proof that yes, you have requested and yes, you are you.
  • It is required for you to place a small file called a “verification file” on the website itself so, the CSR can then visit and use to verify you and validate your request.

Now, you can easily install SSL certificate process.It involves downloading a file that contains the new certificate and then uploading it to your website, disclosing it and installing it again.You can easily buy ssl certificate

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