How to update Windows 10

With the increasing number of users, Microsoft has simplified the Windows Update process. They have made it automated. If you are using Windows, you must be expecting to learn how Windows April 2018 update it works, how it can be customized as per your requirements. Here you will get all the answers. You also want to know the new features of Windows 10. To move with the answer to how to update windows 10, you should know that your computer has not downloaded it already. However, updates are mandatory in this version of Windows.

How to update Windows 10 manually?

  • Open the Settings window and click on Update & Security
  • It will enable you to select the Windows Update option
  • Else, you should click on the Check for Updates icon for a quick scan
  • Go to the Microsoft Software Download page now
  • And download the ISO files for Windows 10 April 2018 Update
  • Run the file
  • It will open the Windows 10 Update Assistant
  • Now you will need to follow the instructions to complete the installation process

How to update windows 10 automatically

Do you want to get an updated Windows 10 automatically? No worries! You will be able to deal with the same if you get in touch with the group of technical support engineers.These are sufficiently trained engineers who are carrying strong track records in resolving the issues faced by Windows users. Their aim is to help the globally spread Windows computer users.

How to pause and defer feature updates

As the option to defer Windows 10 updates is not available through Windows Update, you are suggested to see an option to Pause Updates. Open the Advanced option in Windows Update window. If you turn this option on, the updates for next seven days will be paused. It will raise windows 10 not updating issue for seven days.


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