For running any computer or laptop device smoothly, installing an antivirus is quite necessary to protect the device from viruses or malware. To run any antivirus, you can either download it or put CD/DVD in the CD drive. There are so many leading antiviruses available in the market for securing systems from all kinds of malware and Norton is one of them. Norton Antivirus is preferred by a lot of users and protects the internal data of the computer from getting corrupted.

Installing The Norton Antivirus in The Windows 10

Norton Antivirus is one of the leading Antivirus and the steps to install the software are different in various kinds of devices. Suppose if you use Windows device with the 10th version and want to install the software. To find out how to install Norton Antivirus, take the help of below-given details.

Steps to Install Norton Antivirus in Windows 10

  • Open your device and navigate to the link of Norton software. 
  • Now enter the username and password of your Norton Antivirus and move to the homepage. 
  • Find the get started link on the screen and start downloading it. 
  • You will find some terms and conditions related to the software and tap on agree and download link which is present below the install on this device header. 
  • Thus the Norton file setup will be downloaded from your browser and get saved in the downloaded folder of the device you are accessing. 
  • Once your download is complete, look for the file and open it to install the program. 
  • As the software is installed, you will find My Norton down loader appearing on the screen. 
  • After you have finished the downloading, you will find a Windows User Account Control disclaimer in the background seeking permission to make changes to your device. Tap on the YES button to accept the changes. 
  • You will find my Norton Installer on the screen. Click on the Install button to download it. 
  • And hence the device security package will be installed showing you the threats caused to the laptops and computers by the malware or virus. Note that all kinds of downloads and installation might take time which depends on the speed of your computer. 
  • A few minutes later, a pop up will appear on your screen showing that the Norton Antivirus has been fully installed and has become activated. 
  • After some seconds the pop up will disappear and now you can explore the new software installed with which you can find out about all its features. 
  • To explore its features, you can tap on the tour button but if you don't then simply click on the Skip button. 

And you are done with the steps to install Norton antivirus on Windows 10. You can use it for scanning your device and detecting if any virus in the memory. 

What if The Norton Antivirus Stops Working? 

A lot of times Antivirus does not run any device despite following all the Norton antivirus installation steps. Hence, in this case, you can contact the customer care team. 


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