How to Recover Lost YouTube Password

Years back when there was nothing called Social media platforms or Web series platform then YouTube was the common hub for online entertainment. Whether it is that new song launched or the movie you could not watch in theaters, YouTube had a solution for everything. The Internet had just begun paving ways in day to day lives of people when YouTube emerged as the sole platform for digital entertainment. And for accessing YouTube, all you have to do is signup through Google account and have a strong internet connection! And you can watch all the good videos. 

Forgetting The Password of YouTube Account

YouTube is an inbuilt application that runs online and can be supported in any kind of device be it mac or android. But what if one day you end up forgetting your YouTube password? In that case, until you don't follow up on YouTube account recovery, you can watch videos online. And for recovering the password of the account, you can follow the below-given steps. 

Steps To Recover The Lost Password of YouTube

  • On any device that you use, open the YouTube app and on the right corner click on sign in icon
  • Now tap on the forgot password link and press enter
  • For the cross verification purpose, enter your username with which you access the app
  • Re-arrange the jumbled codes and enter it in the box
  • now click on the Reset my password link and press enter. YouTube will send a recovery link on your backup mail
  • Open the mail and visit the site. Follow the steps as suggested and you can set a new password. Re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done!

And hence that's how you can recover YouTube account. If you ha want any more information then contact the customer care team of the YouTube. They will fix all your doubts related to the application with the help of email or call.


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