How to register a domain name ?

Every single website needs a place to store the series of files it is made of. You can store those files on your own computer or on a hosting service. Here you will have to choose which route you want to take. Hence, you are urged to choose your hosting service among the lead names. Here you will get to know the process to register a domain along with the leading domain and hosting buying platforms.

Top 10 platforms for buying hosting,,,,,,,,,

Top 10 platforms for buying domains,,,,,,,,,

How can I register a domain name?

Using the availability of checker is the next thing you are supposed to do. All these websites listed above are having availability checker which enables you to type the domain name you want. Hence, you will get suggestions for alternatives if the entered domain isn't. Selecting other services is the next thing you are urged to do towards how to register a domain. Select the desired domain name and follow the instructions for that particular service. Besides, you will be asked to add on other services that the host also provides. We suggest you choose the best services for you. You will also be asked for a bunch of information. Now you are suggested to register with the WHOIS database. It is the domain which publically tells about the website owners. However, you are also entitled to choose to keep the information private. Pay for your domain and hosting by using your debit/credit card. You can now start using their tools as the final stage of how to register a domain name. Uploading through software programs can also be preferred in this regard.


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