How To Remove Gmail Account From Phone

Resolved: How to Remove a Gmail Account on Phone Quickly

Google has offered its users with some of the incredible services that one can use for performing multiple tasks. However, to access these services, it is very important that the user has an active Gmail account or else they won’t be able to access these services. 

Well, the procedure to create a Gmail account is quite simple, but there are a few users who have a query on how to remove Gmail account from phone. Fortunately, the service providers have devised a way that one can follow to easily remove the account from the device. Further, by using this process, the user will simply remove the account from the device but will be able to access the account using the browser. 

Pointers To Keep in Mind Before Removing Gmail Account

Before we head-on with the process to remove the Gmail account, the user must keep these certain points in mind:

  • Once the user removes the Gmail account from the device, the user will fail to access all the content and apps downloaded using the particular account. 
  • Further, if the user disables the sync feature, the user might even fail to receive emails from the particular id after the removal of the account.
  • Besides, the users who wish to completely delete the Gmail account are required to follow different sets of instructions or can contact Google support. 

Follow The Steps For Easily Removing The Gmail Account

The provided set of instructions to remove Gmail account is quite simple. Just follow the steps carefully to avoid issues with the process. 

  • To initiate the process, the user is required to launch the Settings app. 
  • Once the Settings app is launched, the user needs to tap on the Accounts option. 
  • Now, the user will be provided with the list of accounts linked to the device. 
  • Then, the user is required to pick one that they wish to remove from the device. 
  • After selecting the particular Gmail account, the user needs to tap on the Remove account button appearing on the screen. 
  • Further, the user needs to confirm the removal of the Gmail account. 

And with this, the user can easily remove their Gmail account from the device. Further, the user can even use the alternative for this method, which is disabling the Gmail account temporarily. 

Hence, this was the complete information regarding remove Gmail account from phone process. for users who have queries, can contact Google support directly for assistance.


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