Know about the steps to remove the Google account from android phone

Google account is generally known as Gmail which is an email service from Google. It offers the services of sending/receiving, online advertising, large storage space etc. There are many services which do not require the Gmail account for the access such as Google search, YouTube, Google Calendar etc. And there are some services like accessing the emails, Uploading videos on YouTube, Blogger etc. requires the Google username and password.

Google account can be accessed on all the devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets etc. In case, if a user does not want to use the account on android phone, it can be deleted. In order to know how to remove Google account from android, below listed steps can be followed:

  • The user needs to open the Settings option in the android phone.
  • Then, the option of User & Accounts is tapped on the screen.
  • After that, the user taps the Gmail Account that is required to be removed.
  • The user then taps the option saying Remove Account from the android.
  • The option of Remove Account is again tapped in order to confirm the deletion of account from the android phone.
  • In order to get the Accounts Menu, the user needs to go the Settings app, and then selects the Accounts, Accounts & Sync or the menu saying Cloud and Accounts.
  • When the Accounts menu is open, the android phone will open the list of accounts and related apps, on the android phone.
  • Then the next screen that comes up will allow the user to access the Sync menu for the Google account or option to remove the account.
  • In order to remove Gmail account from android, the user needs to tap on the Remove Account.
  • After that a screen is again prompted to confirm the deletion and the user clicks on the Remove Account to finally delete the account.
  • When the process of removing the account is done, the android phone will be back to its main menu and the deleted account is not there in the list of associated Google accounts.
  • If the user wants, the Sync menu can also be accessed. This menu has a number of options available for the Gmail accounts.
  • In case, if the user does not want to delete the Gmail account from the android phone and do not want to receive the notifications and emails, it can simply be done by turning off the sync settings of that individual account.

This is the process by which user can remove Gmail account from android phone.

Usually all the apps are associated with the Google account. If it is deleted from the phone, the user may lose the access to the apps which were downloaded or purchased from the Play Store using the Google account. All the emails, photo, documents and other data that is connected to the Google account are deleted. If the notifications are causing an issue by continues alerts, then the Sync option can be used instead of deleting the account.

In case of any issue or query, the technical support of Google can be contacted. The technical executive will discuss about the query and collect all the information so that they can provide the best possible solution to any issue. The contact details for the same can be found on the official website of Google.


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