How To Remove Google Account From Android Phone

A Detailed Guide for Deleting Gmail Account from Android Device

Do you wish to delete your Gmail account and have no clue about the account deletion process? Then, you can go through the detailed procedure shared in this article and manage the account settings in time. If required, the user can even contact the Google representative and seek the needed assistance.

Quick Procedure to Delete Gmail Account Instantly

For users finding detailed information on How to delete my Gmail account on Android, they can follow the quick instructions shared in this article and manage the account settings in time.

  • For the account deletion process, the user is suggested to backup their data. 
  • Now, on the Android device, the user can open the device's Settings app and tap on Google.
  • Further, tap on the Gmail account and select the Data and Privacy option. 
  • After that, scroll and tap on Data from apps and services used. 
  • Now, under the download and delete data section, tap on the delete Google service option. If required, sign in to the Gmail account. 
  • Then, tap on the Delete option present to the Gmail and provide the email address for the existing email id. 
  • Further, the user needs to complete the verification process to delete the Gmail account. 

Thus, this is the simple procedure that users can follow for the details to Delete my Gmail account on Android. If needed, the user can contact Google support to seek needed assistance to delete the account quickly. 

However, users who don't wish to delete their Gmail account and looking for steps to remove the account can follow the instructions shared below and manage the account settings in time. 

What is the Procedure to Remove a Gmail Account from an Android Device? 

The users who are willing to remove their Gmail account and have no clue about the account removal process can go through the steps shared in this article and manage the Gmail account settings in time. 

  • Begin the process by opening the Android phone's settings. 
  • Further, tap on the Accounts option and select the Gmail account that needs to be removed. 
  • Then, the user can tap on the three-dotted option and select the remove account option.
  • However, for some reason, if the Gmail account is not removed from the Android device, then the user can reach out to Google support. 

So, this is the detailed procedure to help users with their query on Remove my Gmail account from Android phone.  Besides, for any reason, if the user encounters an issue with the account removal process, then the user can reach out to Google support.

Now, as the users know how to delete and remove a Gmail account, one can easily manage their account settings and data accordingly. 


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