What Should I Do if My Internet Not Working on Phone

It has been observed from time to time that users face issue with their internet connection. And after tormenting for hours, people don’t get a solution to fix it, somehow, you are one of them who have several questions swirling into the mind about how to fix internet not working on phone or laptop. Then you must go thoroughly the article, as it consists all the important details that will help you sort out the issue.

If you are facing issue with your internet on your phone then you need to work on these points in order to resolve the query.

  • You need to check twice that your phone is connected to the mobile internet.
  • Also, check if your WiFi is working or not sometimes it is the wifi connection that creates a problem and you have to face the issue of the internet not working on phone.
  • You should turn on Airplane Mode and wait for around 20 seconds and turn off the Airplane Mode. Check if the internet is working or not.
  • If the above steps won't work, you should turn your phone off your phone and turn your phone again.
  • In addition, if the problem still persists you should take out the SIM card from the SIM slot and place it again. And restart the phone, check your internet activity.
  • If all the aforementioned steps won't help you out then you should make some changes in Access Point Names Settings (APN) by following these steps;
  • First of all, you need to go to the Settings on your mobile.
  • Then you need to click on Network or SIM management option (Which may differ from mobile to mobile).
  • After that, go to APN settings option and where you can either add new APN or you can reset the APN settings.
  • Also, you can select available options for network or set it manually.

When Internet Not Working on Laptop

By following these instructions, you will be able to resolve this internet not working issue. Besides, if you have an issue that internet not working on laptop. You can contact the internet customer service team where you will get a comprehensive solution to resolve the issue.

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