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Itunes as we all are aware is the default music library of all the Apple devices be it iphones or MAC’s. Itunes has made it really easy for the Apple device users to save and download their favorite music and videos and can save it for future watching. But, many a times the itunes user face issues in which their itunes doesn’t work and creates severe issues for them.

Therefore, if anytime the itunes is not working or it is creating major problems in opening, then the user can simply follow the steps mentioned below. Also the user can directly contact the iTunes Customer Service team members and can get to know about the solutions whenever they need so. These steps are some of the common troubleshooting solutions to fix various glitches that occurs in itunes.

Besides, mentioned below are the steps that the user needs to follow for iTunes Not Working related issues :

  • First of all the user need to try and start their itunes in a safe mode. By opening itunes in a safe mode all plugins that create problems are avoided and itunes works accordingly.
  • The user can also disconnect the internet from the computer if they have done so for using the itunes facilities. As many times because of virus in computers, itunes creates issues in working.
  • Also the user should delete their current Apple ID account and should make a new one so that itunes works appropriately.
  • User should uninstall itunes services from their device and further should re-install it to make it work in better state.

Furthermore, if still the the itunes is making issues in working, then the user should straightaway call on the iTunes Customer Service Number and should talk with the concerned representatives available on the phone lines. The number can be used by the user at any time of the day and can be called to get the best solutions and answers for related issues.

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