Know how can the users fix the issue of Macbook keyboard not working:

If any of the keys present on Macbook is not working, then the users may face various issues. In such a case, Macbook is nothing but a useless. The user smay try to fix the issue and then get the issues resolved instantaneously. For this the users may follow the steps stated below so that the users may be able to fix the issue of Macbook keyboard not working. The steps to fix the issues are listed below:

Way1: Cleaning the Keyboard:

  • Cleaning of the keyboard is very essential for the users so that they may be able to fix the issue of Macbook keyboard not able to working. This method has been suggested by Apple which let the users to fix the issue. For doing this the user needs to follow a set of instructions stated below:
  1. The user needs to hold the Macbook at an angle of 75 degree.
  2. Then the users may use the compressed air in order to spray the keyboard in a left to right motion.
  3. After this the users need to rotate their MacBook onto to its right side and then spray the keyboard again, from left-to-right direction.
  4. Finally the user needs to repeat these steps with the Macbook when the Macbook is rotated to the left side.

The steps stated above will help the users to fix the issue. The user smay try the other steps as well for fixing the issues.

Way 2. Checking for the updates:

The users may check for the updates because there might be possibility that the outdated firmware, drivers or even the operating system is causing a damage to the keyboard resulting in Mac keyboard not working. For checking the updates, the users need to follow the steps stated below:

  • The user needs to open the App store and then the users may click on the updates icon.
  • In case the updates are available, the users may click on the update or update all button in order to install them.
  • The users may check for the updates by going to System Preferences, then to the App Store and then checking the “Automatically check for updates” box.

Way3: Deleting recent apps:

The users may delete recent apps in order to fix the issue. After deleting the apps, if the keyboard is not working again, then the users may reinstall the apps. The users may delete the applications manually in one of the two ways. This can be done by using the Launchpad and the Finder. This may fix the issue of Mac keys not working.

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