How To Fix PDF Printing Problem

If you got annoyed because of the printing problem and have issue in doing that,you should not worry.It is quite easy to resolve your issue by the efforts of the technical experts.To be in contact of experts,it is better if you use helpline number Number of issues has been resolved by technical experts.Here,you can find help to one:

Why PDF not printing ?

There is need to ensure that printer is set as the default printer:

  • By using the keyboard, there is need to tap Windows logo key and then R in the same time duration to solicit the Run box.
  • There is need to type “control” and tap “Ok.”
  • Tap the option to “Devices and Printers” in “Large icons.”
  • You need to assure that there is a green mark linked with the printer, it notifies that it has been set to default.
  • If the scenario is not like that,right-click on the printer and tap “Set as default printer.”
  • Now, the issue of pdf not printing HP printer will get resolved

Perform the repairing process or recreate the PDF file:

When there will be any corrupted or incompatible data in the PDF file, the file wouldn’t be printed successfully. Here we give you two methods to try:

Print As Image feature in Acrobat Reader:

  • There is need to open PDF file in Acrobat Reader.
  • Tap the print icon located on the toolbar.
  • Select the option to Advanced, you should check the option to Print As Image. You should go and tap “Ok.”
  • It is required for you see if the PDF file could be printed.

Try to recreate a new PDF file:

  • Select a method to recreate a new PDF file:
  • when you have downloaded the PDF file by using a URL or cloud, it is essential to download it again and save it to the hard drive.
  • When the PDF file has been created by you, you should create a new one and save it to the hard drive
  • There is need to use Save as… feature in Acrobat Reader:Tap the option of File, and then Save as to save the file to the hard drive

Open the new PDF file by using hard drive and then try to print if it is working effectively


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