How to reset Comcast Password

Lost your Comcast password? It is not a big problem for you if you have remembered the steps of resetting a Comcast password. You can follow us if you have forgotten some of the password recovery steps. We are presenting a Comcast account reset method which is easier than the approach we had discussed before. It is simplified into some steps and the steps have mentoned in the next section.

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in it
  • Now you need to enter your Xfinity username
  • Click on the CONTINUE icon
  • Type the moving letters in the box
  • It will complete the security check
  • Click on the CONTINUE icon
  • A list of options will appear
  • Now you are urged to select a method of recovering your password
  • Confirm the selection on the next page
  • If you have preferred password recovery via email, check your email inbox. Hence, you are requested to click the Reset my password button. In the other situation (if you have preferred to recover your lost password via text message), check your text messages and enter the password reset code
  • Click on the Continue icon
  • Enter a new password and confirm it
  • A confirmation message will appear

Can't remember how to reset Comcast Password

Wasn’t the Comcast password reset process easy? Well, you need to type on your web browser if you are unable to remember your username. If the given process doesn’t resolve the problem you are facing, you could chat with a customer care agent or visit an Xfinity store. We, however, suggest you a different way. Talk to a customer care agent to reset Comcast password. The customer care agents associated with Xfinity are trained enough to assist you without making any inconvenience. They are not ready to leave any stone alone when the question is related to your satisfaction.

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