Yahoo Search Not Working on iPad

Yahoo– it is web service which is owned by Verizon communications and the companies has its headquarter located in Sunnyvale, California, it is well recognized across for its search engine which is Yahoo search and it has related services such as Yahoo directory, Yahoo mail, Yahoo news, Yahoo finance, online mapping and so forth .Yahoo search engine is globally used across the globe and there can be some problems linked to it

Yahoo Search Not Working on Firefox

Yahoo search not working – it can be because of technical glitch and the errors which comes up is that the server cannot be found,at an individual level to find out that if the problem is with the server or not one can try to access the same server on the phone or the tablet , in order to overcome the concern one can take the following steps

  • First and foremost clear the browser cache
  • Update the browser
  • Restart the system
  • One has to ensure that the JavaScript is working
  • Disable all the attachments linked to the browser
  • For the present time , one should disable the antivirus, antispyware and the firewall products
  • Reset the browser on the default settings

Now if the Yahoo search engine is working , if not than one can take the expert advice through Yahoo customer service department as the expert will look in and will ensure that the concern is taken care with the utmost care as the expert knows Yahoo not working can put some of the important tasks on hold so the y will ensure that one is able to use the search engine back as normal

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