All that you have to know in order to deal with the issues of the zoho mail

Zoho mail is one of the very famous mailing service that you can use in order to communicate with the mails. In order to use this service the first step is to register on the official site of the zoho mail. Once you register there then you get the login details that is the login ID as well as the password that you can use in order to get into the account and then to use it as per your needs. Now when you are into your account then you may feel sometimes that the Zoho not working, for issues like this you need not have to take any tension since you can always seek the help of the company and its techies to resolve your issue.

So if you are facing the issue mentioned above or the issue that the account is blocked and you are not able to use it because of that reason then you simply have to follow some trobleshooting steps such as:-

  • At the very first step you have to login to the Zoho mail control panel, once you reach there then you just have to move ahead.
  • And go to the trobleshoot section and there you have to select the blocked accounts.
  • Followed by looking at the list of the accounts that are blocked , here you wull also see the complete list of the reasons against the blocked accounts.
  • So here you just have to select the accounts that is needed to be unblocked followed by selecting the unblock account option.
  • Your administrator will be able to see the complete list of the accounts blocked since he or she is the one who can block or unblock the account.

So the above mentioned steps are the easy ones that you have to follow and just in case you are not able to resolve the issues by doing as written above then you can simply get the assistance from some other person who have good knowledge of the service that you are using. There are a number of ways to get the help such as you can also call them on the toll free number that they will provide or can post the things on the customer support forum. By applying these ways you can get the help for issues like zoho mail not working on iphone also. So just do not hesitate and seek the right guidance from right people on right time.

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