SBCGlobal Email Technical Support Phone Number

One of the most prevailing Southwestern Bell Telephone company which is subsidiary of AT&T headquartered in Texas, United State.. SBCGlobal is one of the most demanded email service all over the world and this service confines millions of people along with it. Due to this reason there are large number of users who are getting different trouble everyday. For communication any person calling is supposed to be one of the best source and thus you need to dial sbcglobal customer service phone number if facing any complexities. In the present era we are seeing the increasing demand of Apple product in the international market and thus the company has represented many apps of email service supported by iPhone and iPad etc.

Following issues are there for which we are highly capable to provide best solution:

  • You can learn the process of setting up a new email account as well as any email client like Outlook, Thunderbird and apple mail etc.
  • User can learn the up-gradation to the new Sbcglobal Yahoo homepage.
  • Modification of email server settings.
  • Easy steps for mostly demanded help like Password recovery.
  • Customer can Setup of wireless network and many more.
  • Issues related to sending and receiving mails and messages.

Points for which you choose the Email customer service number:

  • Highly qualified, dedicated, certified and experienced professionals.
  • 24 By 7 round the clock remote support.
  • Secured remote access along with guarantee of the security of data.
  • Users interact with team of dedicated professionals.
  • Quick availability of services and instant solutions.
  • Result oriented services and reliable services.

SBCGlobal Email Customer support over the phone:

All we know that product and services of a telecom company essentially carry technical connections and strings in case of any faulty issues you can directly get touch by dialling sbcglobal technical support phone number any time round the clock. At the relevant email customer support of SBCGlobal customer get utmost satisfaction with no grievances. If your acceleration resist while mailing and messaging then quickly call on SBCGlobal tech support. By seeing the increasing demand the company has been represented free calling via toll free number. This number is quite advantageous because people can interact with relevant techies without any charge.

The smtp settings for SBCGlobal are:

Choose the option “settings” which is located in the subcategories of “APPS”.

Inside “settings” would be located an option named “accounts”. All the accounts management is done by utilising this option.

In this select the option “add account”.

Next select ‘email’.

Under email, choose ‘other providers’.

Next you will have to enter your sbcglobal username or email ID and password.

After entering your login details, select the option to manually setup your sbcglobal email account.

In the manual settings, set the server type as POP3.

Type in your username and password

Next, in the POP3 server field, type –

The port will have the value set to 995.

Next we would have to configure the smtp settings.

In the SMTP server field, type in –

The port will have the value set to 465.

Enter your username and password again.

Finally click ok to finish configuring the manual setup.

Your email account should be up and running. However if your email account still not working, you would have to contact the sbcglobal customer service. Their customer representative will work with you on finding a quick solution to your problem. The sbcglobal technical support is extremely supportive and helpful in resolving your problems within the shortest time frame so that you do not face inconvenience due to it.


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