Air Canada Reservations Process, Baggage And Cancellation Policy

Headquartered in Montreal, Air Canada is one of the largest flag carrier airlines which provide scheduled services to various domestic and international destinations. Further, for ensuring the comfort and convenience of the passengers the airline has even introduced various online services and policies which one should know before booking Air Canada reservations to enjoy a hassle-free journey. But, before heading on with these policies, here is the simple booking procedure for booking Air Canada flight tickets online.

Book Your Flight Ticket With Air Canada:

  • In order to confirm the seats on Air Canada, the passenger needs to visit the airline website and look for the booking option.
  • Then, the passenger needs to select a flight type and provide a desired departing and arrival airport for their reservations.
  • After that, the passenger needs to provide other details like journey date, number of passengers and cabin class etc.
  • And once all the details are entered, the passenger is required to click on Search button to find the desired flight.
  • Once the flight is selected, the passenger needs to provide the details of all the passengers traveling with the airline and move ahead with the booking process.
  • Thereafter, the passenger will be provided with the details of the reservations including the fare.
  • Once the passenger verifies the reservation details, they need to make payment for their reservations to confirm their seats.
  • After the payment is confirmed, the passenger is provided with the details of their reservations that you can use later for getting your boarding pass.

Now, the two major policies of Air Canada that you need to keep in mind to avoid last-minute issues with your reservations.

Baggage Policy of Air Canada

While traveling by air the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind besides the travel documents is the baggage policy of the airline. Further, gathering information about this policy also helps the passengers to avoid excess charges over their baggage. So, to help you out and to avoid excess baggage charges, here are the complete details about Air Canada baggage policy that you should know.

  • As per the baggage policy, the passenger is allowed to carry 1 standard item with 1 personal item as carry on baggage. However, the maximum dimension for standard item should exceed 55 X 23 X 40 cm. And in case of personal item, the maximum dimension is set as 33 X 16 X 43 cm.
  • And in case, if you are traveling with an infant then, you can carry 1 additional standard item with you.
  • Further, the passenger who wish to carry liquids and gels as carry-on baggage, it is stated that containers of these items should not exceed 100 ml. Besides, you can also contact the customer service of the airline to get complete information.
  • Besides, the airline has even stated other conditions in the policy regarding the special items that can be carried as carry-on baggage.
  • Moreover, in the case of checked baggage the maximum dimension and weight is calculated as per the route. However, the standard limit is set to a maximum of 2 items with a maximum weight of 23 Kg in economy and 32 Kg in business class with dimension of 158 cm.
  • Additionally, if a passenger wish to carry excess baggage, then they might to pay some additional baggage charges for each baggage which you can confirm by visiting the website or by contacting the reservation center of the airline.
  • And for the passengers traveling with special items are required to contact the reservation center of the airline in advance before the scheduled departure.
  • Besides, the airline has even introduced a list of restricted items on board that one can check at their website.
  • And to ensure the safety of the baggage, the airline has a special set of policy for damaged and delayed goods.

Cancellation Policy of Air Canada

There are times when plans don’t go as the way you want them too. And in such cases, the only option you are left with is to cancel your reservations. Fortunately, Air Canada understands such situation and created cancellation policy for its passengers. So, if you wish to cancel your reservation, it is essential that you have a clear idea about this policy in order to claim a refund.

  • For the convenience of the passengers, the airline has introduced Air Canada Cancellation Policy which allows the passengers to cancel their reservations with the airline and get a refund for the same.
  • For the passengers who wish to get a full refund for their reservations, it is required that they cancel their reservations within 24 hours of purchase and claim for a refund.
  • Further, in case of 24-hour cancellation, the refund is provided for both refundable and non-refundable reservations without any deductions.
  • In case, if the passenger cancel its reservation after 24 hours of purchase, the refund amount will be equal to fare amount minus the charges of cancellation only for refundable reservations.
  • Moreover, Air Canada has introduced another policy for the Air Canada reservations where they might not get a refund for the cancellation. To gather more info on this you can try contacting the reservation center of the airline.

And now as you have complete information about the booking procedure and various policies of Air Canada, enjoy hassle-free journey with the airline.

How To Change Flight Ticket On Air Canada

Flight change can save you a lot of trouble and can make your worries go away in terms of cancellations and delays. However, it is better to make flight change than cancellations to avoid any inconveniences with your travel plans.

If you have made your reservations on Air Canada and due to an unavoidable reason you are unable to board your flight then you can simply change your flight with the same day flight as per your desire. However, you’ll need to go through the important guidelines from the Air Canada flight change policy mentioned in this article along with the online flight change process.

Flight Change Policy Of Air Canada

Here are the important guidelines from the flight change policy of Air Canada.

  • Flight change request on Air Canada can be made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure and the reservations should be made up to 7 days or before
  • No charges will be applicable on the flight change made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure on Air Canada
  • However, Air Canada will charge its flight change fee on the flight change made after the grace period and then fee will depend on the booking details

Steps To Change Air Canada Flight

Follow the steps mentioned below to change your flight on Air Canada.

  • Navigate to the Air Canada official website and switch to the My Bookings tab
  • Hereafter, enter the booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name and then hit the Find button
  • After fetching the booking details hit the change flight button and then follow the onscreen options to enter the destination or date
  • Now, after making the selection or your new flights, confirm the flight change by making payments
  • You’ll receive the confirmation text or email from Air Canada as per the contact details submitted by you
  • You can use the e-ticket at the check-in counter or online check-in portal

Moreover, for more information on Air Canada change flight, fee, your queries and other feedback, contact the airline’s reservation centre and get in touch with the professional travel. The dedicated travel expert on Air Canada will surely help you out with the best solutions or you can visit the airline’s website.

Methods of Upgrading Seats in Air Canada

Air Canada is one of the major airlines in Canada a country that is famous for its winters, orchards and snowfall. As travelers, we all prefer traveling comfortably. But since flight tickets are most of the times expensive thus a lot of people prefer traveling by economy. But still in one corner of mind, we all have dreamt of traveling luxuriously in business class. And Air Canada provides several alternatives through which one can easily do Air Canada seat upgrade. To follow the steps how to upgrade seats, tap below.

Steps To Upgrade Seats in Air Canada

If you also want to travel in business class of Air Canada then follow below methods to upgrade seats.

Online seat upgrade

  1. To request for seat upgrade online, click and open the official website of Air Canada
  2. And now click and open manage bookings option. Under manage bookings, click and open seat upgrade
  3. On the next page, enter your booking number and name
  4. Now following what is written on the screen, look for any vacant seat in upper class and upgrade it by paying for it. And you will be done!

At the airport while checking in  

Sometimes out of blue right before the flight departure also people request for the seat upgrade. In case if you are lucky enough to reach the airport well on time then you can easily get the seat. All you have to do is inform the staff on the help desk and if there are empty seats, you might get the upgrade after paying or even free!

By calling on the helpline number

If you cannot upgrade seat online then you can also upgrade your seat by calling up on the reservation helpline number. All you have to do is, tell your flight details and if seats are vacant then you will get the upgrade shortly.

And hence with above methods, one can do Air Canada upgrade seats. And for doubts, contact the customer care.

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