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MSN provides email service which is one of the most secured environment for the transfer of emails and also for the storage of emails. MSN email account has all the advanced email management features and also security features. Protection from spam emails are given and also user can mark emails as spam and help in the spam detection. User can store emails and attachments safely in the email account and also the email processing time is much less.

Use the login ID and password for safe user identification for the account access and to avoid security glitches it is advisable to change the account password after certain time. One can easily change the password from the account settings page but new users may find it difficult to change the password. Also there is the scenario that if the user has lost the MSN email account password. How to recover the emails from the account then. It is simple user can reset the MSN password and recover the account. This article will guide the users with the effective steps and also one can contact MSN customer service for detailed help and assistance.

Here are the steps for changing the MSN account password –

  • Log in to the MSN email account with the correct login credentials.
  • Now visit the account setup page and locate the ‘Password’ option.
  • Click the link of ‘Change’ for user looking to change the MSN account password.
  • Enter the old password, then the new password and again re-enter the password in the respective fields.
  • If the user is looking for an automatic prompt to change the account password then click the box of ‘Make my password expire every 72 days’.
  • Finally click on ‘Save’ to finalize the new MSN account password.
  • Now if the user has lost the email account password in that scenario also one can change the password of the account even without login. Verify the user authenticity with the help of registered mobile number or alternate email address.

Here are the steps to reset the MSN account password –

  • Explore the MSN login page and click on Forgot Password link.
  • Click ‘I forgot password’ and click on ‘Next’.
  • Enter the account ID, enter the captcha details and click on ‘Next’ to move forward.
  • Select the verification process either from registered mobile number or alternate email address to get the verification code.
  • Once the code is received enter that in the provided text box.
  • User can now access the MSN password reset page. Enter the new password and also confirm the password.
  • Click on ‘Save’ and confirm the MSN password change process.

MSN Customer Support Phone Number 

Other than password reset there are also various process to recover the MSN lost account. Get the best tips over MSN customer support phone number. Various tools are there to recover the MSN account password. Also user get fetch the details from the browser cookies regarding the MSN account password. In the password reset steps if the user don’t have access to the phone number or alternate email address then what to do for the password reset is the common query of the MSN customers and best solution are suggested for the support team.

Contact MSN technical support if the user faces any difficulty in resetting the MSN account password. Support team will help the user in getting the password in alternative way be it resetting the password or using any other software to recover it. Support experts are dealing with these problems regularly and can provide the instant solution for these issues. So, stop wasting time in trying to change the password, instead dial MSN tech support number to have a direct conversation over call. Support teams are available 24*7 for assistance.

MSN is a free web mail services provided by the most renowned giant technological company that is Microsoft. It serves the collected internet data services to the service seekers. MSN was launched in year 1995 on 24th of August. It also provides the services which are user friendly and could be easily grab and accepted by the new users. The application offered by the msn are most friendly and easily accessible.

SMTP outgoing protocol :

SMTP is the outgoing mail server protocol, to send the mails through the mailing portal to the other mails. This helps the user to link one mail server to the other mail server, which means if you want to receive your messages from msn to any other mail service such as – gmail then you need to enable the incoming mail server which POP or the IMAP and the outgoing mail server which is SMTP. And to activate those settings you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your favourite web browser on the system.
Step 2: Enter the on the search space and search it.
Step 3: Sign in to your msn account.
Step 4: Click on the gear icon present on the top right corner of the home page of msn mail.
Step 5: From the given menu bar, click on the options.
Step 6: Now move to the ‘managing your account’option.
Step 7: Now next click on the ‘connect devices and apps IMAP’ option.
Step 8: A window will display with two options, which are enable or disable.
Step 9: Tick on the enable box.
Step 10: And at last tap on the ‘Save’ option.

And if you face trouble while setting up the mail server point then please contact to the ‘MSN customer service’ to your issues.

Now for incoming mail server, you need to followig set up:

  • Account type : IMAP
    Username : email address which you want to link
    Server host name :
    Server port : 993
    Authentication : password secure

Now for outgoing mail server, you need to following set up:

  • Account type : SMTP
    Username : email address which is valid
    Server host name :
    Server port : 587
    Authentication : password secure

Hence above are the steps to setup the IMAP and as well as set up the SMTP mail server on to the MSN mailing port. But this is the most reliable service offered by the
‘MSN technical support’ team to there users. 


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