What is Allegiant Air Customer Service?

Allegiant Air customer service provides service to customers who have doubts regarding their flight. To contact the service, you can use the Allegiant Air phone number (702) 505-8888 and various other methods to contact the service team of Allegiant Air. All the contact methods are available on the support & help page.

How Can I Call Allegiant Air Support by Phone?

When you are consumed with doubts, all you need to do is call the service team department to get it cleared. You can follow the simple points that are clearly explained in the given points.

  • You can get connected to the agent at (702) 505-8888.
  • Call the number, and then you need to listen to the commands in the automated voice.
  • Now you will be asked to press the keys according to the instructions.
  • Press the keys to connect with a live service agent.
  • In a short while, the system will connect you to the agent.
  • Once you are associated with the agent, you can tell your concerns and get them clarified.

How Can I Chat with Allegiant Customer Support Department?

Suppose you are unable to connect with Allegiant Air customer service, you can make use of the live chat feature offered by the airlines. The procedure for the live chat function is clearly explained below; use it to reach the representative.

  • Open the homepage of Allegiant Airlines: https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus.
  • Then you need to press on the ‘Contact US’
  • Now when the contact page is displayed, look for the live chat option.
  • Press the live chat tab to display the chat box.
  • Now you can send your queries.
  • When the virtual agent of Allegiant Air is connected, you will receive the solutions.

Keep in mind live chat option only answers general queries.

How Can I Send an Email To Allegiant Air?

In case you are unable to connect using the live chat and the phone call service, you can also send the representative emails. You can go through the procedure to use the email option.

  • Visit the website of Allegiant Air: https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus.
  • Scroll through the page to find the contact us tab and make click on it.
  • Now when you are on the following page, you can see the “Email us” link.
  • Click on the email link and then fill in the details which are displayed.
  • Enter the details needed, and review the details before submitting.
  • Once the email is sent, you will soon hear from the service team member.

What is The Allegiant Air Postal Address?

To send mail, you can use the postal address mentioned below.

Allegiant Travel Company

ATTN: Customer Relations

PO Box 371730

Las Vegas, NV 89137

What is The Average Time To Connect with Allegiant Air?

It can be between 5 to 8 minutes, but this solely depends on the availability of the service agent. If you are unable to connect using the Allegiant Air contact number (702) 505-8888, you can also use the other service which is available to contact the service team member of Allegiant Air.


To wrap up, you can use the live chat option, call service, email, and mailing option to contact the customer service of the airlines. You can also go through the support page to see the various types of articles and go through articles similar to your issues.

How Do I Contact Allegiant Air by Phone?

The best method to contact Allegiant Air phone number 1-702 505-8888 is by placing a call. The methodology through which a call can be made is given below in detail for a better understanding:

  • Ruffle through the official website of Allegiant Airline: https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus.
  • Browse across the page to find the Company icon at the bottom end of the homepage.
  • From the various choices given, select the Contact Us link.
  • Scroll on the page to find the number to place the call under the Contact Options headline.
  • Dial to place a call at (702) 505-8888 and follow the instructions being given.
  • Select the language of preference to proceed further and get connected to the agent who the customer support team will assign.

The passenger should take special care to place the call only during active customer service hours with the airline when the agents will be present to take up the calls. To ensure success for the call placed, they can make the call early in the morning when call traffic would be minimum.

Why is Allegiant Air's Phone Number Busy?

There are some major reasons due to which the Allegiant Air phone number 1-702 505-8888 gets busy which is:

  • The ratio of the number of agents available to take the call is less in comparison to the number of calls that are getting placed, thus increasing the waiting time with the airline, leading to the lines getting busy.
  • A large number of calls are getting placed to the same customer service number, thus creating huge call traffic leading to the number getting busy.
  • A single passenger takes quite a long time to resolve their problem, thus increasing the hold-up time and causing the calling number to be busy.

What is The Phone Number for Allegiant Member Services?

The passenger can connect with Allegiant Member Services by placing a call at (702) 800-2088. The passenger should be careful enough to place the call during the Allegiant Air customer service, which is between 5 AM PT to 8 PM PT on weekdays from Friday through Monday. On Saturday, the call can be placed between 8 AM to 12 PM PT.

How Do I Talk to a Person at Allegiant Airlines?

The best possible method to talk to a person at Allegiant Airlines is through the chat option that has been provided by the airline. The chat appears in the form of a dialogue box on the Contact page of the airline (https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus). The passengers can type in to initiate the chat with the assistant available, who will provide them with swift responses and you can also call on (702) 505-8888 this number.

What is the Allegiant 311 rule?

The Allegiant 311 rule is applied to the liquids that passengers travel with by placing them on the carry-on bags. The rule says that all the liquid, aerosols, and gel that the passenger carries should be a maximum of 3.4 ounces or less than that. All these must be put in a see-through plastic bag which is quart-sized. Every passenger should adhere to these rules and are allowed only one type of this bag in the luggage that they carry.

Is There an 800 Number for Allegiant Air?

Yes, there is an 800 Allegiant Air contact number which is (702) 505-8888, where the passenger can place a call to directly get connected to representative of the airline for assistance.


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