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Complete Information About Gmail Not Working Issues

Gmail is an email service developed by the Google. It is used by nearly 1.5 billion people across the globe. Gmail provides finest quality of email services to the users. User can easily send or receive email via Gmail without any trouble. But nowadays online intrusion has become an order of the day and Gmail is also one of the prime target. Various hackers steals sensitive information and data from the computer through malicious programs, spywares, malwares etc. It is urgently important for the users to keep their system up to date in order to prevent confidential information from being stolen or hacked.

Quite often the situation arises when Gmail stops working properly due to various reasons. In this blog we will learn the measures need to be adopted when Gmail not working and how to make it work. Just see the steps mentioned below:-

  • User forgets the Gmail password. In this case, user can recover the account through recovery Email and recovery phone number.
  • Another method to recover the account is through verification code. Google sends verification code on the phone number via sms. User can enter this verification code on the right column to recover the account.
  • Outdated version of the Gmail app creates a trouble in getting mail from Google. Make sure you have the latest and greatest version of the Gmail app.
  • Turn off your device and restart it again. This trick works sometimes in emergency.
  • Verify your connectivity. Sometimes poor connectivity creates a problem in Gmail working.
  • Check your Gmail settings and make necessary changes. It can make Gmail function well.
  • Clear your Gmail app data. It will erase all the unnecessary burden. Restart your device and check if Gmail is working properly.

There Are Cases When Gmail Not Working on iPhone. Do The Following Things:-

  • Visit the Gmail website and check for alerts.
  • Review your recent devices on Google’s website.
  • Do the CAPTCHA reset.
  • Make sure your IMAP is enabled.
  • Remove your Google account from your iPhone and set it up again.

The above mentioned are the simple and sober steps to make the working of Gmail possible on the iPhone. By applying these steps, user can enjoy the services of Gmail for a long time without any trouble.


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