Google Voice Search Not Working on iPhone

How to fix Google Voice Search not working issue resolved on an instant basis?

On a sudden day you must be trying to access your Google Voice Search but may have found not to be working. It is not a big thing to worry about as it is a minor issue and can be easily resolved by following simple troubleshooting steps. Users can simply do is if they are facing Google Search not working issue is try out the below mentioned troubleshooting steps and get instant fixation of the issue.

Things to be tried out if users are facing Google Voice Search not working issue

Check your Google Assistant

Firstly users will need to do is check their Google Assistant which may be turned off. Users need to check that and if it is OFF then they need to immediately turn it ON and then they would definitely find their Google Voice Search working.

Check your OK Google

It could be that mistakenly you may have turned OFF your OK Google. So check that on an immediate basis and then turn ON your OK Google and then the things should be working for the users. In case if this is not working then users can simply do is try out the below mentioned things and they will then definitely get their issue resolved.

Look for updates in your Google Voice Search App

It could be that there could be some missing updates as a result of which it may have stopped to work on a sudden basis. Users can simply do is check for updates and if any sort of that is found then they should immediately update the same.

Ensure that the Google voice search is recognizing your voice

It could be that your Google Voice Search may not be recognizing your voice. Users can simply do is check for the Google Voice Search is recognizing or not and in case it is not recognizing then they should ensure that they are setting up the same on an immediate basis. Things will then definitely work for the users.

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