How To Fix Any Unexpected Error in The Windows While installing?

Computers can only run efficiently multitasking if you keep your device updated. And to keep the device updated, its very important to install the latest version of windows. If you use windows device, its operating system will run based on windows. And as the technology keeps on changing, so does the version of windows. And if you dont update the windows of your laptop or computer, the device will slow down because of the outdated software. Hence it becomes very necessary for the users to keep installing the windows. But while installing the windows, a lot of users complained of windows installation encounter error. 

Error While Installing Windows in The Device 

A lot of users complain of facing problem while installing windows because of a sudden error that keeps taking place from time to time. There are a lot of reasons because of which this windows installation unexpected error takes place and can be fixed with few troubleshooting steps. To find out, tap below. 

Steps To Fix The Error of Window Installation in Computers 

Check if you have all the system requirements

To download any application, the first most thing required is the proper setup for the application to run on the device. A lot of users unaware of what the setting of their device is, start downloading the windows which later becomes a reason of error. To start with a simple solution, before downloading any new application, first of all try to check if your device has all the required features. Bigger the software, more will the RAM and storage needed to install and run the software. 

Check the RAM storage

Before downloading any new software or third party application, check the RAM availability as how much space capacity is there of your device. To avoid any problem, try to download the USB version of Memtest 86 which is used for checking the health of RAM storage. To connect the device with this application, select the USB and create a boo-table drive. 

Switch USB port and drive

Another common factor that slips away from our minds while installing the windows is the USB port. Usually for installing the latest version of windows which is 10, you will only need six or more gigs of space but sometimes this amount of space gets less. Hence in this case you can try switching to an alternative USB drive. This will be helpful for all the users who have never installed the tenth version of windows. And you will be done. 

Remake The Installation Media With The Media Creation Tool

  1. To install the tool, follow below given steps. 
  2. First of all download the media creation tool from the link 
  3. Now plug in USB drive with 6 GB. Now once the application is installed, run the application by accepting all the terms and conditions.
  4. Now choose create installation media for another PC 
  5. Select all the major settings like language, architecture and edition. Once done, click on next. 
  6. Select USB Flash drive and you are done!

And thats how you can fix the issue of windows installation encountered. For doubts, contact the customer care team. 


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