How Can I Delete Cookies in Google Chrome Browser?

Using different web browsers has now become the habit of users. These are the basic requirements when you search for anything or find answers to any of your questions. And as the flow of information never stops hence there are various web browsers in the digital market for users to choose from. Ad each web browser is best in its ways and gives a very tough competition to other ones. 

Also, some web browsers save your information to make it easy for you to enter details shortly. Some of the information can be saved passwords, the websites you visited, etc. And this information is generally stored in the form of cookies and caches. However, if you are using Chrome as your web browser but finding issues with its working then you shall not panic. When browsers like Chrome stop responding then there can be many reasons. One of them is that users did not delete cookies in the Chrome browser and might be facing issues. You are also advised to delete the cookies. To know how you can follow the steps below. 

How To Get Rid of Cookies And Caches from Chrome Web Browser?

  • From your computer, open the Chrome web browser by simply tapping on it. 
  • When the new screen with the default website on Chrome gets displayed, tap on the “More” option that is present in the top-right corner in the form of three vertical dots. 
  • From the various options that get displayed in front of you, click on “More Tools” and choose “Clear Browsing Data”. 
  • Now from the top, you need to select the time range from which date you want to delete the cookies. You can even choose “Delete All Data” from the bottom. 
  • In the next step, you will see cookies and other site data options. Check the box and then choose “Clear Data”. 

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you come to know how to delete cookies in Google Chrome without any hassle. In case, you require any further help then you can choose to contact Google Chrome customer service. 

Seeking Assistance from Google Chrome Customer Service

The users who are still facing the same issue or did not understand the steps to delete cookies, then he is free to contact customer service. The customer service is made active on various platforms and gives an on-the-spot resolution for issues like deleting Google Chrome cookies, Chrome web browser not responding, etc.


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