Best way to delete your yahoo mail account

Yahoo has more than 32 millions users all across the world. It offers a smooth platform to send and receive all kinds of emails. But often it happens that due to any reason user no longer wants to continue their Yahoo account. However permanently deleting yahoo account leads to loss of all kind of contacts, chats and saved emails as well.Therefore, in the event that you are thinking about delete yahoo account, all messages, logbook passages and documents ought to be went down and expelled first.

Following are the steps for how to delete yahoo account-

  • First of all go to the Yahoo account delation page and sign in when asked. It may happen that your account need to verify hence you have to provide an account verification code."Before proceeding, go through this information" It details what you will lose when you delete your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Next Click the on Continue button.
  • Once after entering your email address  you will find the Terminating your Yahoo! Account page.
  • once your Yahoo ID is verified and exploring the r account deletion warning, enter your Yahoo password. 
  • Look down and enter a visual or visual code. You can ask for another code on the off chance that you can't see or hear the present code. 
  • Now click on Terminate this Account.
  • you see a message that peruses "Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion." 
  • Snap or tap the Sounds good button to come back to Yahoo's homepage.

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