We all loves different types of technological product and their use in our life is important. There are plenty of technological product in our world which helps in bringing radical change in our life. One such product which has impacted our life in totally different ways is Laptop.Laptop allow us to do all sort of activity whether its storage of files as well as listening to the music and then watching videos, editing of the Docs file and so on. One such laptop making companies in the world which has become quite popular over the course of time is HP.

How To Fix Hp Touch Screen Not Working Issue

Hp is one of the leading and most popular name in the laptop making business. Anyone which is familiar with the personal computing business must be aware about the hp laptop. HP laptop are known for having strong hardware quality and best software interface. Apart from that Hp laptop are also popular for having better stronger battery life.Over the course of time Hp laptop has gone through many changes and produces various qualities of laptop to suit the needs of their customer.But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user face is regarding Hp touch screen not working on windows 10. User can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, User needs to perform the windows troubleshooting.
  • And further select the relevant result from the fields.
  • Make sure to click on the Hardware and devices.
  • Again make sure to click on next and run the wizard through.
  • It will detect the issue and repair them.
  • Make sure to search for calibrate and select calibrate the screen for pen and touch.
  • Now window will open for tablet PC settings.
  • Make sure to click on the display tab and use the setup and then calibrate to check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Another option to fix Hp laptop touch screen not working is by pressing CTRL+X.
  • And then select the device manager.
  • Make sure to left click on the arrow next to human interface device to open the drop down.
  • Right click the listing for HID compliant touch screen and select the Disable.
  • Click on the Yes button to make sure that issue is resolved.

Hp Screen Touch Pad Not Working

In case, if the user faces any problem regarding resolving of the Hp touch screen not working, then user can take the assistance from the technical support team. They have a highly qualified technical support team which are well versed in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure that all your problems are resolved on timely basis. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that all your concerns are listen properly and must be taken into account.

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