How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475 Suspicious Activity was Detected on Your Account?

Being a Yahoo account holder, you may get stuck into plenty of technical issues and error code 475 is one among those that every Yahoo user face is error 475 that occurs due to security purposes and your email account block on a temporary basis after getting this issue. Whenever Yahoo finds any kind of suspicious activity that takes over the security of your Yahoo account, then your Yahoo email account got locked on a temporary basis that can be accessed later. There are could be many other reasons behind the Yahoo Mail error code 475 and it is very easy to resolve this issue. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process of resolving this error of Yahoo Mail account.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475?

If you want to fix error code 475 of Yahoo Mail account, then you can simply fix it after following the below steps:

Solution 1: Send limited emails

Whenever you send a large number of emails to your contacts in a very quick span of time, then Yahoo may block your account for a few hours. It is all caused due to finding the suspicious or spamming action and you can simply get back to your account after fewer hours.

Solution 2: Sign in again

If you find error 475 error during the sign in to your Yahoo account, then you can sign out it and wait for fewer minutes. After that, log in to your email account using the login credentials that may help you to fix this error code.

Solution 3: Change your password

Changing your Yahoo account password is always the best way to get rid of several technical issues and when you change password, it gets trouble for the hackers from hacking your email account. You can change the password using your mobile or computer.

Solution 4: Clear the cache and data

You may also clear the unwanted cache and data for the Yahoo app on your mobile phone to fix this error code 475.

These above-given steps can help you to fix Yahoo Mail Error 475 in a very simple and instant manner. If you are still getting this error or have any other query, then contact the customer support team of Yahoo for high-end assistance.


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