How Do I Recover My Deleted Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used by the billions of users across the world on all sorts of devices. Users can status updates, share videos and photos with their friends with the help of a Facebook account. In spite of these beneficial social networking features, there are numerous users delete their Facebook account due to varied reasons which are very easy to delete. But that doesn’t mean it will be deleted permanently as users can simply recover their deleted Facebook account whenever they required or as per the prescribed time of recovery. The process of recovering a deleted Facebook account is very simple and one can perform it in a very easy manner.

How to Reactive Deleted Facebook Account?

Have you deleted your Facebook account recently due to some specific reason? But now you want to access your account again? Then you can simply reactive your Facebook account after recovering it within fewer steps. But make sure that you have the complete knowledge about the process to a reactive deleted Facebook account and if you don’t know how to reactive your deleted Facebook account, then follow the mentioned instructions.

Here Are The Simple Steps To Recover a Deleted Facebook Account:

  • First of all, go to the official login page of Facebook via from your browser.
  • Now enter the email address or username into the Emailfield and then enter the password into the Password box.
  • Click on Log in tab and your Facebook account will be reactivated if you have been performing this process within 30 days of deleting your Facebook account.
  • In the case you will not find the Restore option, then it means you can not recover your deleted Facebook account.
  • You may also access your Facebook account by canceling the deletion request.

So you can very easily recover deleted Facebook account after following the above-described instructions. If you are getting any kind of problem while recovering your Facebook account, then you can contact the support team of Facebook for the reliable assistance on all kinds of Facebook related queries.


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