How Do I Recover My Password for AOL Mail?

AOL mail provides an account via which users can receive or send mail to different user accounts, whether a department, institution, etc. The mail account will help access other sites and files available online. But sometimes, access to the account is delayed. Then, the user can apply for the AOL password recovery option online or on the official app. Because it is easy to get access to the account and a user-friendly panel, it quick to operate through different services.

How Do You Reset or Change Your Password?

You can reset or change your password through the account recovery option, in which the page will ask for the contact details associated with the account, and then a recovery link will sent to the contact details. Select the link, fill in the new password twice, then confirm it. At last, log through the account, and it is good to go with the process.

Change or Reset Password via Official App: The AOL app is one of the best options for changing password details through a preferred smartphone. The app can be downloaded at the app store for free. You can follow the procedures mentioned below for the AOL app on the smartphone.

  • After that, tap on the Menu icon.
  • Select the manage account tab.
  • Now, choose account info and go to security settings.
  • Fill in the security code and select the change password button.
  • Finally, enter the new password and complete the process. 

How To Reset a Forgotten AOL Password?

You can apply for the AOL password reset option using the user sign-in helper tab. First, search for the official panel of AOL, then go through the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the Sign-in helper page of AOL.
  • Then, enter the recovery email or phone number and click on the continue button. The panel will send a recovery code to the given contact details.
  • On the next page, enter the recovery code, then click on the continue button.
  • Finally, please enter the password two times and confirm it. Then, the panel will redirect to the Signup page and log in again.

How To Change Your AOL Password?

You can change the password from a desktop or mobile web browser. The web browser remains active all day, so users can update or change their credentials without hassle. Process is explained in bullet points for better understanding.

  • Go to the official AOL home page.
  • Then, move to the Signup page and log in through the account.
  • Please scroll to the My Account option and click on it.
  • From the menu, choose the change password button.
  • Now enter a new password, then click on the confirm option.
  • finally, you can change the flight.

So this is the method via which a user can successfully apply for an AOL password change; you can also connect with the company customer service team at toll-free number 1 800 827 6364, available 24 hours from Monday to Sunday to receive technical assistance to resolve the issue altogether.


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