Avail best assistance to know how can the users reset Windows 7 password

The users may wish to reset the password of Windows 7 for which the users may follow the steps stated below. These steps are simple and easy to implement that allows the users to reset windows 7 password. The users may do this in a very simple manner. In case the users face some issues, then the users may talk to the technical experts for getting the right solution for the issues that the users might be facing.

How to fix isuue of reset windows 7 password

  • First of all the user needs to insert either the Windows 7 installation DVD or Windows 7 System Repair disc into the optical drive and then the users need to restart their computer. If the users have a flash drive, then the users will be able to reset the password too.
  • After the computer boots from the disc or flash drive, then the users need to click on the Next option present on the screen with the desired user language and keyboard choices.
  • Then the users may click on the repair the computer link.
  • The users need to wait while the Windows 7 installation is located on your computer.
  • Once the installation is found, the users need to take note of the drive letter found in the Location column.The users may then select Windows 7 from the Operating System list and then click the Next button.
  • Then the users may choose Command Prompt. With Command Prompt now open , the users may execute the following their specified commands.
  • The users may close the Command Prompt window.
  • The users may create a windows 7 password reset disk. This is the Microsoft-approved, proactive step that helps in resetting the password. A blank flash drive or floppy disk is required for the same.

If you want reset password of your windows 7 laptop then follow some steps

These simple steps will let the user to reset the password of windows 7 without any complexity. If at any step, the users face some issues, then the users may instantly dial the helpline number for getting the issues resolved. These experts are well experienced and have a lot of knowledge in solving the problems. Windows 7 password reset.

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