How Do You Cancel Your Roadrunner Subscription?

Roadrunner is a walking and running shoes and other gear and accessories retailer, and the company currently has more than 842,578 VIP club members and employees more than 975 members. The Roadrunner Sports VIP Family offers exclusive benefits to its members, including Rewards Cash Rebates, a 90-day perfect fit promise, and instant savings. However, circumstances change, and you may find yourself wanting to cancel your membership. So, if you are wondering how I can cancel my Roadrunner Runner subscription, then here is an informative article on how to cancel your Road Runner Sports VIP Family Rewards Membership. Whether you are looking to discontinue your subscription or explore other options, this guide will walk you through the process.

Understanding Your Roadrunner Membership:

  • Rewards Cash Rebates: As a VIP member, you earn Rewards Cash equal to 5% of your purchase (excluding clearance items). Roadrunner Rewards Cash can be used towards future purchases.
  • Expiration Date: Your Cash Rewards will not expire until 2 full years from your last purchase or until your membership is canceled.
  • Perfect Fit Promise: As a VIP, you can enjoy the 90-day exchange policy on shoes, socks, and other accessories. All VIP members can exchange any defective items like worn shoes or apparel for credit towards different styles, makes, or sizes.
  • 10% instant savings: As a VIP member, you always deserve a better fit! If you want to purchase any item, then you can save 10% on any eligible item as a VIP member.

Decide to Cancel Your Roadrunner Membership:

If you are purchasing any item from Roadrunner, they offer a VIP program with every order you make on their website. You can also join Roadrunner's VIP program for $1.99 if you are making purchases for your six-month period. However, If you have made up your mind to cancel your premium Roadrunner subscription, then here are the steps given to cancel to membership:

  • Contact Road Runner Sports via Phone: The best way to get assistance from Roadrunner in canceling your membership is by contacting the live person. You can call the representative using the Roadrunner contact number, call the Rewards Plus Hotline at 800-743-3206, and inform the representative that you wish to cancel your VIP Family Rewards Membership. Provide them with your account-specified details, including your name, email address, and other relevant details.
  • Request Confirmation: Ask the representative for a confirmation number or request an email confirmation. This ensures that your cancelation is properly documented.

Canceling Online: While the primary method for cancellation is via Roadrunner customer service, you can also consider canceling your membership online. Here's how you can cancel your Roadrunner membership online:

  • Visit the Roadrunner Sports website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Look for the section related to your VIP membership.
  • Locate the cancelation option.
  • Confirm your decision, and you'll get a confirmation email.

Conclusion: Canceling your Road Runner Sports VIP membership is a straightforward process, whether you choose to do it over the phone or online. Make sure to review your account details and policy and use any remaining Rewards Cash wisely before canceling your  Road Runner VIP subscription.


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