Know about the steps to be taken if printer is unable to connect

Printer is a device that represents the graphics and text on paper. There is a huge variety of printers in the market. There are various hardware manufacturing companies which provide a number of printers to the users. It varies according to the configuration of hardware and user’s requirements.

The printer is connected to the system and just by giving the command through the keyboard, a paper with required output comes out of the printer. It usually works with all the applications installed in the system. But sometimes an issue of printer unable to connect excel comes up to the users. The issue can be due to the user’s printer not adding up in the list of printers that are already saved in the system.

The following steps can also be given a try so as to fix the issue quickly:

  • The user can remove the printer from the computer or any system with which it is connected.
  • The user needs to run the services.msc in order to open the Services management console for stopping the print spooler service.
  • The system can be then rebooted by the user so that it can be checked whether the changes are effective or not.
  • The printer driver needs to be updated and the latest version of the drivers can be purchased from the company.
  • After updating, the printer needs to be re-installed and its working is checked again.
  • If it has started working, then the issue of printer unable to connect is resolved.

But still if issue is coming up or any query is there regarding the printer, technical support can be contacted. The executives in technical support will provide the best possible help and solution to the users. The contact details of the customer care are mentioned on the official website of the printer that is being used by the user.


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