Japan Airlines Reservations Process, Baggage Policy & Cancellation Policy

If you are a true avid traveler and willing to travel to your bucket list destination. Then you should not take the stress anymore, because a perfect plan requires deep research or efforts. However, it comes only from the advance flight booking or research. In an instance, if you found that all the flight seats are filled before you visit the website, what you can do in that case because you left with no option other than to visit the counter airlines. So we should do pre-booking at least 15-20 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. So for your convenience, we have updated a simple reservation process to travel with Japan airlines cancellation policy

Stick With The Reservations Process of Japan Airlines

  • At the beginning of the process, go to the official website of Japan airlines booking
  • In the next effort, give the departure city and the destination city.
  • Moving along, mention the departure date to travel.
  • Even you can book a return date to travel.
  • Mention the preferred class to travel.
  • Tap on the search button.
  • You will be shown an inventory of flights going to the destination.
  • Pick the best of them from the list.
  • Now you will be required to fill the details of the passenger.
  • Initiate the payment process to get the confirmation via mail.
  • In the last step, you will receive a flight ticket on your registered mail id.

After performing all the steps, you must be looking to learn about the baggage policies so that you can better know about what luggage you should carry and what not. You are advised not to carry any prohibited items with you so extra luggage to avoid more charge for the luggage with japan airline baggage policy

Learn in-Depth About The Baggage Policy of Japan Airlines 

Japan Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  • The total combined weight of the personal item should not be more than 10kg.
  • The total dimension varies from 55*40*25cm plus one personal item.
  • Musical instruments with a dimension of 115cm can be carried on onboard as carryon luggage.

Japan airlines baggage and prohibited items 

There are numerous items that you cannot carry in the airplane which may turn violent if used. So airlines do not allow the passenger to carry such items like Knives, scissors, stun guns and bats.

Japan Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

  • Economy and premium class economy passengers if traveling with international flights can check with two 23kg bags free of charge.
  • Business and first-class passengers can check with three bags with a combined weight of 32kg.
  • No checked baggage should not be more than the dimension of 203cm
  • In domestic flights, Passengers are allowed to check in with a maximum capacity of 20kg at free of charge and its dimension should not exceed 50*60*120cms.
  • For the infant, passengers are allowed to carry one checked bag.

Japan Airlines Excess Baggage Fee

  • Passengers will be levied a sum of 20,000 yen per additional piece on flights traveling between Japan, Asia, and India.
  • The combined weight of the baggage 23 and 32 kg will be charged as 10,000 yen.

Japan Airlines Cancellation Policies 

  • If the passenger canceled within 24 hours of the flight departure, you will be refunded the whole amount of money.
  • If the passenger purchases a refundable ticket, the passenger can claim for the full refund of the amount.
  • For the passenger using the non-refundable ticket, you are not allowed to claim for the amount you paid.

Consider and adhere to the above information to know the in-depth knowledge of Japan airline reservations. If required you may contact directly to the customer support team of the airlines or even you can compose a mail to the concerned department of the airlines to get around the problem. Apart from that if you require more support or looking to gain an in-depth knowledge of, you may visit the airport kiosk or talk to the representative of the airline.

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