Making You Aware about Malaysia Airlines Reservations Process

As the name states, it is the Malaysian airlines that are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It was formerly known as Malaysian Airlines System earlier but now is known as Malaysia Airlines. The airline is known for its various features and services which help passengers in every state whether they are on the go, want to travel or even after traveling. Let us make you aware of some of the services of Malaysia Airlines. 

Features of Malaysia Airlines

  • The aircraft of this airline are divided into various classes ranging from low to high depending upon services. 
  • A passenger can get Malaysia Airlines reservations either by contacting customer support, using a mobile application or on the online portal. 
  • Passengers are even provided with inflight services for a comfortable journey. These include complimentary meals and beverages services, offering travel kit which includes equipment required during travel, etc. 

And there are many other services to comfort a passenger that is provided by Malaysia Airlines. But, to experience their service closely you will be required to book your flight. And in case you do not know how to book then you can follow the steps below to get you the desired seat. 

Follow These Given Steps For Malaysia Airlines Reservations

  1. Open a web browser and go to the booking link from the website. 
  2. Tap on the “Plan My Travel” option from the top of the page and select any one option based on the type of your journey. 
  3. Start by entering all the itinerary details like travel date, the number of passengers traveling along, promo code if applicable, etc and tap “Next”. 
  4. Pick the flight from the list which is made available in front of you and tap on it to select the desired class and seat from the list and tap “Next”. 
  5. In the next step, enter your information like name, date of birth, age, etc along with selecting the mode of payment. 
  6. Enter the payment details and confirmation of your Malaysia Airlines online reservations will be given on the email. 

For any help, you are free to contact Malaysia Airlines customer service. 

Malaysia is an Asian country which is a famous tourist destination. Every year, a lot of people take vacation to Malaysia since its quite economical. In fact a major part of Malaysia’s revenue comes from Tourism. From canoeing to hiking to exploring locals streets, Malaysia is quite a happening place to visit. And to book flights, you can consider booking flights in Malaysia Airlines which is the largest airline in the country. You can visit their official website and book flights.

Malaysia Airlines Check in Policy

  • If you have booked flight in Malaysian Airlines, then before departure you need to check in at the boarding gate. There are certain Malaysian Airlines check in rules that you need to follow. To find out the ways and methods, tap below.
  • If you are doing Web check in then you won’t have to stand in a big queue and wait for your turn. Also to do web check, you can simply log in the website, tap on check and enter your booking details.
  • For counter check in at the airport, try reaching airport on time so that you don’t have to wait in line. Once the counter closes, you will not be allowed to board flight.
  • And if you are doing kiosk check in then this facility is available on all the major airports. You can simply enter details in machine yourself and print boarding pass.

Malaysia Airlines Baggage Policy

The other major concern of passengers is how much luggage to carry, if you are traveling by air. Since every airline charges for extra luggage hence you can look for the Malaysian Airlines cancellation policy. These rules mentioned below will be helpful for you, if you are flying by Malaysian Airlines for the first time.

  • The amount of luggage allowed on flight depends on the type of fare.
  • Maximum Size and weight of the luggage is different in economy, business and first class flights
  • If you are carrying medicines, alcohol etc. then pack them in visible plastic bags.

Malaysia Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you are have cancelled your flight, and now wondering what next then head to following Malaysia Airlines cancellation policy.

  • For all the flights cancelled within 24 hours will not be charged with any cancellation amount and you can claim for full refund.
  • You are only allowed to cancel flights till last few hours before flight takes off.
  • For all the flights cancelled after 24 hours will be subjected to cancellation charges.

And that’s all for the other services of Malaysian Airlines. In case, you have any doubt, then contact customer care.


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