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A southwest airline is a major American airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas renowned to cater surge of tourism to more than 101 destinations within the United States and many more. Even after having such a world-class benefits by the airlines, airline provides the flight booking at a substantially lower price. Let’s take a close look to get the deep insights of features and southwest airlines booking.

Southwest Airlines Flight Classes

Business Select

  • Priority Boarding.
  • Bonus rapid reward points per dollar.
  • These tickets are fully refundable.
  • Passengers are allowed to change ticket at anytime.
  • Close to first class on southwest.


  • It is fully refundable Y fare.
  • You can change your ticket with no fine.
  • It is stated very clear that stand by travel b/w same city is permitted.

Wanna Get Away

  • Non-refundable fare.
  • Considered as Basic Economy fare.
  • Allowed to checked with two bags.
  • Less Rapid reward points.

Features of Southwest Airlines

  • Airlines aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi, Free streaming live television and free music from iHeart radio.
  • Enjoy the seating in comfortable leather seats with extra legroom and power plug near the seat for charging.
  • In-flight Wi-Fi internet connectivity inside the aircraft to watch live your favorite show during the journey.

Moreover, above-mentioned features are more appealing than any other airlines, and this point makes it more interesting for the passengers to book the flight in advance. Let’s see a little bit about the reservation process of the southwest airlines online reservations.

Points To Start The Southwest Airlines Reservations Process

  • In the first step, go to Southwest airline website.
  • Next, give details of departure city and destination city.
  • Fill the details of the departure date.
  • Add the number of passengers traveling.
  • Next, you will be displayed an inventory of flights going to the destination.
  • Choose best of them.
  • You are required to fill the details of passengers
  • In the next move, you can initiate the payment process to get the confirmation via mail.

Here, we have discussed all the mandatory points to make the task simpler for you. Just you need to stick with southwest airlines reservations points to learn more. For further assistance, you may call directly to the customer team of the airline.

Southwest airlines are the well-known low-cost carrier of America which serves their passengers with best services at affordable prices. Before booking a flight in Southwest airlines, a passenger must have the detailed info about the policies of the airline.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Before packing bags for the trip, a passenger should have complete info about the baggage policy of Southwest airlines. The important rules and terms of the policy are as follows:

  • A passenger is allowed to take along a carry-on baggage for free in which 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag is allowed. 
  • In case of checked baggage, the charges increase per bag after 2 checked baggages.
  • If the weight or size of the bag is exceeded, the passenger is required to pay the excess baggage fee.
  • Some of the sports equipment is allowed on the board by paying a fee.

Carry-on Baggage:

  • 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item is allowed for free.
  • The dimensions must not exceed 50 linear inches including wheels and handles.
  • Must fit in the overhead bin.

Checked Baggage:

  • 2 bags for free and maximum up to 10.
  • The size must not be more than 62 inches and maximum weight should be 23 kg.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

If a passenger wishes to cancel the booking with the airline, then Southwest airlines cancellation policy is followed, as mentioned below:

  • For claiming full refund, the ticket should be cancelled within 24 hours of booking.
  • Both types of tickets i.e. either refundable or non-refundable are eligible for 24 hour cancellation.
  • If the ticket is cancelled after 24 hours of booking or if it was booked 7 days prior to departure, a certain amount is charged as cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation amount varies according to the type of ticket purchased.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

The important pointers of Southwest airlines flight change policy are as follows:

  • A passenger is allowed to make changes to a confirmed booking only.
  • To get changes done without charges, all the modification should be done within 24 hours of booking.
  • The support team can be contacted in advance to make the required changes.
  • In case of international bookings, a passenger is allowed to make changes till 14 days prior to the departure.

For more info about the services or policies of the airline, a passenger can contact Southwest airlines reservations. The representatives of the airline will provide complete info and best assistance for the query. The support team can be contacted through call or email. To contact them, the info provided on the Southwest website can be used.


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