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Headquartered in Ontario, Sunwing Airlines is one of the popular airlines which provides scheduled and charter services from Canada to various destinations in the United States. And in order to ensure that the passengers enjoy a comfortable journey, the airline has introduced various inflight services that one can avail once they book reservations with the airline. Further, to help out the customers who are planning to travel by Sunwing Airlines, here you will be provided with the required details before confirming your reservations.

Steps To Reserve a Flight Ticket With Sunwing Airlines:

  • In order to book your reservations with Sunwing Airlines, the user needs to visit the airline website.
  • Then, for booking the reservations, the user is required to select the booking option.
  • After that, the user is required to select a desired arrival and departing locations for their journey.
  • Further, after the selection of the locations, the user needs to select a journey date, total number of passengers with preferred cabin class.
  • Once all the details are filled, the user needs to click on the Search option to find a suitable flight for booking tickets.
  • Thereafter, the user is required to select a flight and confirm their booking by providing the details of the passengers traveling.
  • After filling up the details of the passengers, the user is required to click on Continue to make online payment for their flight tickets.

Hence, once the user completes this process, they will be provided with the other details linked to Sunwing Airlines Reservations. Further, the users can also contact the reservation center of the airline for booking flight tickets.

Sunwing Airlines Baggage policy

Booking reservations with the airline is quite simple. But, to ensure that one enjoys their travel with the airline without any hassle it is required to keep a check on the baggage limit. So, for the people who wish to avoid excess baggage charge, here are the details about the baggage policy of the airline.

  • As per the Sunwing Airlines baggage policy, the passenger who have booked reservations with the airline are allowed to carry a maximum of one carry-on baggage and one personal item.
  • Further, the maximum weight and dimension for carry-on baggage should not exceed 5 Kg and 23 cm x 40 cm x 51 cm.
  • In case, if the passenger exceeds the weight limit, they are required to pay additional baggage charges to the airline.
  • Besides, the passenger can carry a maximum of 1 checked baggage for free with maximum dimension of 158 linear cm and with maximum weight of 23 Kg and 30 Kg in case of elite plus.
  • In addition, if the passenger wishes to carry another checked baggage, they are required to pay some additional charges which one can confirm by contacting the reservation center of the airline.
  • Moreover, the airline has even made a list of some special items and restricted items that one can check at the official website of the airline.
  • And in case, if the baggage of the passenger is damaged or lost, a special provision has been made as per which the passenger can claim for a compensation.
  • However, in the above case, it is required that the passengers provide the required documents to the airline for claiming compensation.

Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy

There are many customers who have query, what happens if there is a change in plans and they require to cancel their reservations? Well, in such cases, the passengers are provided with an option to cancel their reservations under the manage booking section and get a refund for the same. However, there are some conditions stated in Sunwing Airlines Cancellation Policy, that one needs to keep in mind to claim a quick refund.

  • As per cancellation policy, the passenger are provided with an option to cancel their reservations upto 3 hours before the departure from the place of origin.
  • Cancellation is allowed for any reason except, no shows.
  • However, one cannot cancel their Sunwing reservations once they have boarded their flight from Canada.
  • The passengers will be provided with the 100 percent refund subject to some conditions that one can confirm by contacting the reservation center of the airline.
  • However, there are chances that some part of the refund amount will be provided to the passengers in the form of travel vouchers.
  • Furthermore, in case of non-refundable fares, refund will be provided subject to some fare conditions which one can confirm by contacting the airline directly.

Hence, this was the complete information about the basic policies and procedure of Sunwing Airlines that one should know before booking a flight ticket with the airline. In case of queries, it is suggested to contact the reservation center of the airline to enjoy a comfortable journey with the airline.




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