Get a Smart Idea to Talk to a Real Person at TELUS

TELUS is one of the best communication technologies that lets you access excellent plans, phone, and high-speed internet service on Canada’s fastest network. It is a subsidiary of TELUS Corporation, associated with a Canadian national telecommunications company. If you are accustomed to getting open access to these services, you need to share your queries with a real person who is available to assist you at the required time. If you desire to talk to a real person at TELUS customer service and wish to ask some prolific questions, you will get the right answer on this splendid page at the correct time.

How Do I Talk to a Real Person at TELUS?

TELUS helps you provide a wide range of telecommunication products and services, including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television. Suppose you face any trouble or desire to share your particular feedback for all products and services. In that case, you can talk to a real person using different kinds of communication mediums available to access the customer service team.

Use email service: If you are a businessman, you need to subscribe to the TELUS service after getting its mail service. You can request to speak to a real person using the email service at TELUS and get support and service at your required time ideally.

Use a phone call:

You can talk to a real person over a phone call without additional charges; if you are a residential customer or businessman after subscribing to the products, features, and services. It would be essential to get a phone call, dial 1 (866) 771-9666 the TELUS phone number, and follow the IVR command to share your queries with a live person who can ideally assist you at your suitable time.

Use a live chat:

You can use a live chat to start the communication and enter the genuine user ID and mobile phone number. TELUS live chat is good to share your questions and feedback on TELUS communication services.

You can also use some social media services to talk to a real person and share your essential question and feedback at a certain time.

How Do I Contact TELUS by Phone?

When you need to get proper support and service without wasting more time and energy, you can send a request for a phone call service and talk to a real person in your way. You can contact TELUS by phone number 1-866-771-9666 is available 24 by 7 to ideally assist you at your suitable time.

Go Through The Ways to Contact

TELUS By Phone Quickly:

  • First, open an internet browser and visit the TELUS customer support page and choose the contact option shown on the same page.
  • You will get the phone number to dial: 1 866-771-9666from your handset and get help with services and products.
  • If you wish to discuss your queries with a live person, dial 711 and follow the voice menu.
  • Press 1 to select your preferred language and press 2 to choose the question menu, and press 3 to select your question.
  • Press 4 to contact TELUS live person by phone and share your question to get the answer over a phone call efficiently.   

The Fastest Way to Contact The TELUS Customer Service Team

If you wish to know the fastest way to contact the TELUS customer service team, you can use a phone call and live chat to get support and a solution at the right time suitably. You can send a request for a live chat and phone call to effortlessly get the immediate solution at your convenient time.

Can I Contact TELUS by Live Chat

When you need to discuss your queries with a live person and you don’t know to access the phone call, you can use TELUS live chat option any time. You need to enter the proper credential to share your questions and quickly get the answer on the same platform. In the live chat, you can write your question, wait for the answer simultaneously, and ensure you get complete guidance at your suitable time.

Thus, if you wish to seek essential solutions and information related to TELUS email and other communication services, you should contact TELUS customer service and talk to a real person who is active to assist you smoothly at a particular time.


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